If you are reading this right now, you probably want to increase your exposure by getting your product appraised and reviewed by me, The Mysterious Marketer. In advertising your product, there are a number of advantages to getting a product review on my site as opposed to other methods of paid advertising.


Advantages of a Product Review

Unlike paying for a banner ad or PPC advertising, a product review has a more lasting impression. This is because once your product has been reviewed on this site, that post will be on the site for the rest of the life of the blog. As people come to this site and look through it, as well as when they are searching for information, they'll stumble across the review of your product again and again.

It's not like banner or text ads, where you have to pay a monthly fee for your product to be displayed. You just pay once for a product review, and your review will be up there without you having to worry.


Why Get a Product Review From Me?

If you have been a long-time follower of this site, you will probably have been through a number of reviews and posts that have been authored by me before. Of course, you know that the reviews that I write are top quality, and that I give my honest reviews of your product.

If you have a great product, I'll write a lot of great stuff about it. If you have a bad product, I'll write a lot of bad stuff about it. So make sure you have a good product before you submit a request to me for review, otherwise you might get a mediocre or bad review…

*I only do internet marketing related product and service reviews…

Not only that, but I also provide you with a better service, above and beyond what you would normally get with a standard product review…


What You Get With One Review

Not only do you get a review of your product which is posted on this blog, but you will be able to get:

One added bonus page and expansion package as an incentive for customers to purchase from this site. This valuable package is provided to your customers free of charge, but only if they purchase from this site. To see a sample, click here.

One profile page for you and your company to display all of your available products and services. This is a service provided for first time customers, allowing them to find out more about you and build trust regarding your business. As you purchase more product reviews in future, this page will also link to those reviews. To see a sample, click here.

Free promotion of your review page, bonus page, and profile page. In addition to the creation of various pages on the site that review and promote your product or service, we will also be building backlinks to your pages in order to get them more exposure in the search engines. This includes the use of various services that build backlinks to your pages on a regular basis. Apart from that, if I write about a topic in the future that's related to your product, I might talk about or link to your review page if it's a great product.

In summary, you will be getting a massive package when you let me appraise your product or service… Not only will you get an appraisal of your product, along with incentives for customers to purchase your product and an informational page about yourself or your company to help build trust, but you will be getting free promotion of your pages!



However, before you begin, there are a few requirements that need to be met:

Firstly, your product must be a good product. If your product isn't a good product, you will most likely get a bad review on it, and I'm sure that you wouldn't want that to happen.

Secondly, your product or service must have an affiliate program. The reason for this is because we need to link to your product or service through our affiliate link, which will be placed on the review, bonus and profile page. For the profile page, if you have multiple products, provide us with the affiliate links for all your products with an affiliate program.

By providing us with an affiliate link to your product, you give us more reason to promote your product if it is a good one. Also, it helps to fund our operations, such as page promotion and bonus packages, and to provide you with better services in future. The more funds we have, the more we will be able to drive traffic to our site and to your pages, and the more exposure your product or service gets.

Thirdly, you need to provide us with access to your product or service. This is understandable, as you need to provide us with access to your product or service before we will be able to review it and to give our honest opinion about it.

You may even wish to provide us with exclusive bonuses or discounts that we can provide to our subscribers as further incentive for them to purchase your product from our site, as some of our clients and partners are doing. To see a sample of our product reviews, click here.


How to Purchase

Product appraisal and review is available at $500 per product review.

To order a review, simply send us all the information about your product or service along with affiliate information, and PayPal $500 to Appraisal and review typically takes 3 to 5 days to get completed.