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The Mysterious MarketerIn the previous post, we talked about how you can get quality backlinks by submitting your site to WordPress blog design galleries if you have a unique custom-made blog theme design. In this post, we'll be talking about something similar, which is submitting your well-designed logo to logo galleries for even more quality backlinks.

I know that a lot of you don't really have your own personally designed logo for your site's, but you should really consider it if you're serious about making your site a powerful authority site.

In a sense, creating brand exposure is just as, if not even more important than building backlinks. By spreading your brand, people will come to recognize and trust you as an authority is your market. The start of doing this is often through the development of a winning logo that captures the feeling and essence of your brand.

Getting backlinks from submitting that logo to the best artistic galleries on the web is just an added bonus…


List of Logo Galleries

Internet Marketing Submission

Listed below are a number of logo galleries where I have submitted my site's logo to, and where you can submit your site's logo to as well. Most of these sites will take some time for getting your logo reviewed and approve, while others accept your logo immediately. 

This is a comprehensive list, meaning to say the best sites on the web for logo submission.

All of them give you a nice live backlink to your site once your logo has been approved.

The process is simple… Just go to any of the sites listed, click on the submit or suggest link and fill in the form to submit your site's logo design for display on their website.

I have divided this list into sites that immediately accept your logo, and sites that require review and approval first:


Review and Approval Required:


Instant Approval:



It's fairly easy to get more backlinks to your site, as well as some brand exposure this way. However, the main difficulty lies in the fact that different sites require your logo image to be in different sizes during submission.

If you don't follow the guidelines, your logo might not be approved. To simply the process for you, I've listed all the different sizes that are required at the sites above so that you can prepare everything beforehand.

Logo images may be in JPG or PNG. The sites don't seem to approve GIF…

  • 204 x 112
  • 284 x 130
  • 300 x 166
  • 300 x 180
  • 320 x 260
  • 325 x 260
  • 394 x 197 PNG
  • 500 x 247
  • 500 x 300
  • 500 x 375
  • 500 x 500
  • 550 x 338
  • 640 x 360


Semi-Automate The Process

If you want to speed up the process, I found this neat site that helps you to get it done quite quickly. What it does is it helps you to fill in the fields easily using drag and drop.


Personally, I would rather use the Flem Firefox Add-On together with a form filler like LastPass.



What I do once my logo is approved at some of these sites is to ping them, and simply bookmark the URL at a handful of social bookmarking sites.

It helps the search engines to find your link faster, as well as giving you a slight boost in link power.

Well, as always, hoped you enjoyed another great addition to the series of backlinking articles on this blog. If you have any comments, suggestions or tips, feel free to use the comment blog below.

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Look out for my next blog post for more great ways to build your brand and your backlinks.


Allen Walker