Portfolio Sites: Backlinking Lesson Combination

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Free BacklinksToday's backlinking lesson is sort of a combination wrap up of the previous lessons. We already talked about how you can build your brand and gain backlinks with blog design galleries and logo galleries, so now we will use one more type of site to combine those two, namely portfolio community sites.

These sites allow you to demonstrate your own personally designed graphics, including if you designed your blog theme and your logo yourself. Also a good way for you to gain backlinks to your site.


Graphics You Can Use

Here are some ideas for different graphics that you can use on these sites. It should be ok as long as you designed the graphics yourself:

  • WordPress blog themes
  • Logos
  • Product cover graphics
  • Website design screenshots


List of Portfolio Community Sites

Listed below are the best portfolio community sites that you can submit your work to, as well as giving yourself a link back to your blog.

The process is simple. Just join the site, and upload the graphics that you created. Most of the sites also have fields where you can enter your URL in the settings or account profile area. If not, just add your site URL to the portfolio image description field.



Here's a look at one of the portfolios I created. It's pretty neat. :)

You can click on the image to visit the site:


Portfolio Easy Backlinks


Well, thus ends another short article on how you can quickly and easily gain some quality backlinks using portfolio community sites. 

It will help to spread your brand, and is also useful for getting traffic for some niches, such as if you have a design blog.

As always, ping and bookmark your URLs once you are done. ;)

This project was actually quite fun for me, as it let me create some nice looking portfolios while getting some great backlinks. :)

I'll post up more articles on little-known methods for getting backlinks when I have the time. In the meanwhile, let me know what you think by leaving your comments in the comment field below.


Allen Walker