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Answering your own business calls is so last year.

Use Yodel to increase productivity by managing phone calls in Slack

As a business, always being available is extremely important.

But, so is actually running the business. And you can’t do that if you’re constantly answering calls. (Darn it, Greg, I told you to stop calling me about karate class on my work phone.)

What you need is the ability to screen and direct calls.

This is where Yodel and its virtual assistant take over.

Yodel streamlines customer communication by allowing your business to make and receive phone calls directly from Slack – without any additional software.

Yodel will supply your business with a local phone number you can add to your website.

Not only does having a phone number on your website make you look legit, the Yodel virtual assistant will take the calls from inside Slack.

Yodel lets you create custom greetings, take calls on browser or mobile, play music while customers are on hold, and receive voicemails which are transcribed and shown directly in your Slack.

Yodel also sets each phone call up for success by using its Natural Speech feature. This means that Yodel answers every call and asks why they’re calling.

Calls are transcribed in real-time in your Slack, so you are always prepared — even for a 2 am “you up?” customer call.

Yodel acts like a virtual receptionist: It understands what the caller needs and announces the call in the right Slack channel, so you only answer when you need to.

To make sure your business is successful no matter where it operates from, Yodel offers local phone numbers in over 100 countries—giving customers the impression you are right next door.

Right now, people all over the world are using Yodel to reach their customers and run their business.

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