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Adam HorwitzAdam Horwitz is a young upcoming entrepreneur who owns two different online businesses that make over six-figures per year. He has gone through many a successful product launch, and his products mainly focus on creating a stable cash flow through the use of mobile marketing, as opposed to the standard internet marketing methods. He has been featured on many magazines for being a young and successful entrepreneur.






Adam Horwitz Products


Cell Phone Treasure>> Cell Phone Treasure

Cell Phone Treasure Review | Cell Phone Treasure Bonus

In this course, Adam shows you how you can turn the cell phone you are using into a treasure that generates hundreds of dollars each and every day. In addition, you don’t even have to use a cell phone.


Dude I Hate My Job >> Dude I Hate My Job

Dude I Hate My Job Review | Dude I Hate My Job Bonus

With the advent of online marketing and blogging, Adam wants to show you how he averages $500 a day through blogging. It is likened to the days of the gold rush, where people were earning left and right.


Local Mobile Monopoly >> Local Mobile Monopoly

Local Mobile Monopoly Review | Local Mobile Monopoly Bonus

Mobile marketing is one of the hottest new trends when it comes to making money, and a lot of people are jumping onto that train. In this course, Adam shows you how to build an online income with mobile.


Mobile Monopoly >> Mobile Monopoly

Mobile Monopoly Review | Mobile Monopoly Bonus

Making money with mobile marketing in no longer a dream, and that’s the system that this course wants to present you with. One of the hottest new courses of the year during release…





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