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Bill McReaBill McRea made himself quite successful by starting his own retail guitar business offline many years ago. He soon found himself getting more pressure than he’d liked, and he soon quit and went to internet marketing, where he has achieved even more success with less pressure on himself. These days he is releasing a lot of new products and software aimed at the internet marketing circle, and has done quite well with his product launches.






Bill McRea Products


Covert Coaching Club>> Covert Coaching Club

Covert Coaching Club Review | Covert Coaching Club Bonus

This is a private club where you can get a seven figure marketer to show you the ropes of building a massively successful online business. A limited membership club, and will be closed once it is full.


Emerald 11>> Emerald 11

Emerald 11 Review | Emerald 11 Bonus

This is a software that works with Auto Traffic Nirvana to help you bring in a lot of additional traffic to your site. Basically works in a similar concept to automated link exchange solutions, but with a twist.


Massive Passive Profits>> Massive Passive Profits

Massive Passive Profits Review | Massive Passive Profits Bonus

This course intends to show you how you can develop a large sum of passive profits that will help you to gain again and again. Set your income stream of autopilot, and enjoy the rewards.


Never Fail List Building>> Never Fail List Building

Never Fail List Building Review | Never Fail List Building Bonus

The money is in the list, but you will first need to build up that list to a decent size. This never fail system intends to show you how you can build your list up massively, and bring you in the cash.


Poor Man's Product Launch>> Poor Man’s Product Launch

Poor Man’s Product Launch Review | Poor Man’s Product Launch Bonus

Product launches can help you to earn a substantial sum in a short amount of time. However, they often require significant investment on your part. If you are a poor man, you can still do launches though…


Rent Money Formula>> Rent Money Formula

Easy Redirect Script Review | Easy Redirect Script Bonus

This course aims to show you a simple copy and paste system of earning enough money to pay the rents on time every month. The main benefit boasted by the system, is the minimal work involved.


Twittenator>> Twittenator

Twittenator Review | Twittenator Bonus

This software boasts the ability to help you to massively increase your Twitter following and exposure. Get everything done for you on complete autopilot and see how it goes…






Bill’s Free Stuff


List Building Lies>> List Building Lies

List Building Lies Review | List Building Lies Bonus

There are a lot of mis-truths and misunderstandings when it comes to building a list. This free item will show you some of the list building lies and how you to avoid falling into the trap.



Covert Coaching Club>> Niche Marketing Strategy

Niche Marketing Strategy Review | Niche Marketing Strategy Bonus

A free item that aims to teach you a good niche marketing strategy that you can rely on. Niche marketing is something lucrative that can help you to earn online again and again…



WP Exit Window>> WP Exit Window

WP Exit Window Review | WP Exit Window Bonus

This free WordPress plugin enables you to cash in on the people leaving your site. If you don’t take advantage of exit traffic, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. The WP Exit Window aims to help you prevent this.





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Date of Birth : March 4, 1962








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