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Fladlien ProductionsFladlien Productions is an internet marketing company that was founded by CEO Jason Fladlien. The company is currently very successful, and boasts a wide range of products in the internet marketing niche. Success stories abound with regards the products produced by Jason Fladlien, and these products include software and plugins, courses, eBooks, reports, and much more. Part of the reason for the success of the company is due to their simplicity.



Company Products




MiniTube>> WP Member Champ

WP Member Champ ReviewWP Member Champ Bonus

This is a very simple plugin that allows you to quickly and easily set up membership site processes using Paypal. Since membership sites are now very popular, this plugin will definitely be a big hit.


MiniTube>> Membership Tactics

Membership Tactics Review | Membership Tactics Bonus

A lot of people are interested in developing powerful membership sites that earn them recurring income over and over again, which led to the creation of Membership Tactics by Fladlien Productions.




Creating Content



MiniTube>> 7 Minute Articles

7 Minute Articles Review | 7 Minute Articles Bonus

Article marketing is one of the hottest and most powerful ways of driving traffic to a website. However, you need to learn how to create articles fast in order to make it worth the time you invest in it.


MiniTube>> 48 Hour Report

48 Hour Report Review | 48 Hour Report Bonus

Does it take you hours upon hours just to create a good report that you can sell or give away to your list? This product shows you how you can easily create a report in 48 hours, or maybe less.


MiniTube>> PLR Secrets

PLR Secrets Review | PLR Secrets Bonus

These PLR repurposing secrets from Jason Fladlien allow you to create unique product in under 19 minutes while totally enhancing their value. Quick content and product creation methods for you.



List Marketing


MiniTube>> Bare Squeeze Pages

Bare Squeeze Pages Review | Bare Squeeze Pages Bonus

Jason Fladlien uses squeeze pages that contain less than 100 words, but help him to convert a ton of visitors to his funnel. In this product, he shares his secrets of setting the process up quickly.


MiniTube>> Simple List Building

Simple List Building Review | Simple List Building Bonus

This product contains a series of 7 simple list building techniques that will help you get on the fast track to building your own massive list. The money is in the list, so you can build it fast.




Money Making


MiniTube>> 6 Figure Baby

6 Figure Baby Review | 6 Figure Baby Bonus

This audio series in the Fladlien Production line of products unveils the tricks and tactics used by Jason Fladlien in order to reach a six figure a month income during the month his baby was born.


MiniTube>> Ghostwriting System

Ghostwriting System Review | Ghostwriting System Bonus

Jason Fladlien, owner of Fladlien Productions, used to be a professional ghostwriter. Learn the secrets of the ghostwriting trade and how you can earn $40 per hour, or even more using good steps.


MiniTube>> Interview Cash Machine

Interview Cash Machine Review | Interview Cash Machine Bonus

Doing interviews with experts allows you to quickly and easily create products that have massive appeal to the audience. Interview Cash Machine shows you a process for a quick five figures.


MiniTube>> Make Money with WSOs

Make Money with WSOs Review | Make Money with WSOs Bonus

WSOs, or Warrior Special Offers, serve as powerful methods for making quick cash. However, there are some little things that you will need to know about if you want to make money there…


MiniTube>> PM Product Launch

PM Product Launch Review | PM Product Launch Bonus

Product Launches are yet another really popular way of making money online. However, not everyone is able to do it because of the costs involved. Enter the Poor Man’s Product Launch.


MiniTube>> Profit Equation

Profit Equation Review | Profit Equation Bonus

Can you really profit online by following the simple equation just like those formulas they teach you in school. Perhaps you can if you follow the Profit Equation from Fladlien Productions.


MiniTube>> Visitor Value Multiplier

Visitor Value Multiplier Review | Visitor Value Multiplier Bonus

It’s really possible to get $6.34 per click to your website and it doesn’t have to be that hard either. This product shows you a four step formula for boosting the value of the visitors.



Personal Development


MiniTube>> Mind State Change

Mind State Change Review | Mind State Change Bonus

Most of the problems faced by online marketers are problems of the mind. Learn from Jason Fladlien of Fladlien Productions as he shows you the Mind State Change on this product.





Personal Productivity


MiniTube>> Double Your Productivity

Double Your Productivity ReviewDouble Your Productivity Bonus

We are all lacking for time and face many problems and difficulties that take away from our productivity. Discover how you can double your productivity in 48 hours or less with Fladlien Productions.


MiniTube>> Instant Expert Technology

Double Your Productivity Review | Double Your Productivity Bonus

If you need to become an expert in various internet marketing areas, or even other areas of life, then discover the secrets to the process with the Instant Expert Technology from Fladlien Productions.


MiniTube>> Time Management

Time Management Review | Time Management Bonus

A lot of self-proclaimed time management gurus tout the Pareto Principle as being the best thing in the world. Jason Fladlien shows you why it’s totally useless and what you can do about it.



Sales Copy


MiniTube>> Copy eClass

Copy eClass Review | Copy eClass Bonus

A product which covers a live online seminar that Jason Fladlien did showing others how they can improve their sales copy. Discover the secrets of fast learning in copywriting here.



MiniTube>> Instant Sales Letters

Instant Sales Letters Review | Instant Sales Letters Bonus

Quickly and easily set up sites with powerful sales letters in less than four minutes. It may be difficult in the past for you, but it doesn’t have to be if you know some simple secrets and tactics.


MiniTube>> Niche Copywriter

Niche Copywriter Review | Niche Copywriter Bonus

Do you want to learn the secrets of being a niche copywriter? Discover how you can create converting copy with regards to a variety of niches. You can sell this product as your own too.


MiniTube>> Salesletter Design

Salesletter Design Review | Salesletter Design Bonus

A series of 24 different and professional designs from Fladlien Productions. Discover how you can quickly and easily set up winning salesletter designs that will give great impressions.


MiniTube>> Stopwatch Copywriting

Stopwatch Copywriting Review | Stopwatch Copywriting Bonus

Find out how you can quickly and easily create winning copy with the stop of a watch. Stopwatch Copywriting unveils a simple yet effective approach to copywriting for people who are new.


MiniTube>> Template Factory

Template Factory Review | Template Factory Bonus

Many people don’t know how to do copywriting and they don’t have the time to learn either. Find out how you can take advantage of these fill in the blank copywriting templates right here and now.




3 Top Traffic Secrets>> 3 Top Traffic Secrets


3 Top Traffic Secrets Review | 3 Top Traffic Secrets Bonus

These traffic experts, Jason Fladlien and Kim Roach, are sharing each of their top three traffic methods to help you generate massive targeted traffic. You can now learn the secrets that they are using.


MiniTube>> 5 Minute Niche

5 Minute Niche Review | 5 Minute Niche Bonus

People spend way too much time looking for a good niche for themselves. If you want to be able to quickly and easily narrow down and target winning niches, discover the powerful method here.


Amazon S3 Tutorial>> Amazon S3 Tutorial

Amazon S3 Tutorial Review | Amazon S3 Tutorial Bonus

You may not know this but almost every tutorial out there is telling you some wrong stuff about using Amazon S3. There’s a lot of risk in your approach, so discover the answer to this problem with Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos.


Easy Redirect Script>> Easy Redirect Script

Easy Redirect Script Review | Easy Redirect Script Bonus

This powerful script enables you to do a lot of things that you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, such as SEO redirects and promo splash redirects. Save money, and prevent theft.


S3FlowShield>> S3FlowShield

S3FlowShield Review | S3FlowShield Bonus

This solution present a two-click solution to a very common problem plaguing people who are using Amazon S3. Did you know that you might be overpaying for what you could actually save on?


MiniTube>> Webinar Pitch Secrets

Webinar Pitch Secrets Review | Webinar Pitch Secrets Bonus

Many online marketers use webinars in the wrong way. As a result of that, they are not able to build good relations that lead to sales. Discover these webinar pitch secrets and do it right.


WP Local Pro Theme>> WP Local Pro Theme

WP Local Pro Review | WP Local Pro Bonus

This WordPress theme is just the right thing for offline consultants and marketers who are working with WordPress. It will allow you to get everything up and running quickly and with ease too.


MiniTube>> WP Twin

WP Twin ReviewWP Twin Bonus

The hottest WordPress utility on the market right now, WP Twin allows you to clone your blog exactly and duplicate and recreate it in an instant. Bring your blog security to the next level.






Free Brochures & Reports


32 Free Reports>> 32 Free Reports

In providing value, Fladlien Productions is known for over-delivering, and that’s what you will be able to get from the huge collections of free reports. These free reports cover some great tips and secrets in a variety of areas in internet marketing, ranging from email marketing to article marketing and copywriting. These reports are free for download.


32 Free Reports>> Egghead Blogger

Discover how you can set up affiliate sites, offline marketing websites, and even salesletters quickly and easily within a matter of minutes. Then discover more about the Egghead Blogger concept, optimized out of the box to convert better than any site that you’re currently using.


32 Free Reports>> Visitor Value Multiplier

Learn about how you can greatly multiply the value of each visitor to your website. This free video training from Fladlien Productions shows you the steps and techniques involved in building a winning online business.





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