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Marlon SandersHigher Response Marketing is an internet marketing company that was founded by famous internet marketer, Marlon Sanders. The company deals with a variety of solutions for internet marketers, focusing primarily on the different aspects of product creation, including info product creation, sales copy creation, affiliate gathering, and marketing your products in general. The company is best known for its step-by-step dashboard line of products.




Company Products



Marlon Sanders A-Team>> A-Team

A-Team Review | A-Team Bonus

The A-Team provides some exclusive access to various online marketing content and material which was prepared to assist you in making money online.


MiniTube>> Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard Review | Affiliate Dashboard Bonus

Do you want to be able to quickly and easily produce a powerful affiliate program for yourself for which you can get people promoting you? This might be your thing…

Marlon Sanders Create Your Own Products>> Create Your Own Products

Create Your Own Products Review | Create Your Own Products Bonus

Discover how you can very easily create your own products that can be sold for a substantial profit. This series is brought to you by Marlon Sanders of Higher Response Marketing.


MiniTube>> Design Dashboard

Design Dashboard Review | Design Dashboard Bonus

The step by step dashboard that shows you exactly how you can create professional web pages that will make your products sell.

Facebook Advantage>> Facebook Advantage

Facebook Advantage Review | Facebook Advantage Bonus

Discover the secrets of Facebook and how you can use it to your massive advantage in online marketing. The power of social media at your finger tips.

MiniTube>> Gimme Money Now

Gimme Money Now Review | Gimme Money Now Bonus

If you are in need of money right now, then this product shows you how you can create two page profit pulling websites in a flash.

Marlon Sanders Info Product Dashboard>> Info Product Dashboard

Info Product Dashboard Review | Info Product Dashboard Bonus

Selling your own products is something extremely lucrative for online marketers. Learn about how you can create and profit from them quickly.

Marlon Sanders Marketing Dashboard>> Marketing Dashboard

Marketing Dashboard Review | Marketing Dashboard Bonus

The secrets of online marketing shown in a step by step fashion for you to consume and digest. Discover how with this fully laid out plan of attack.

Marlon Sanders Promo Dashboard>> Promo Dashboard

Promo Dashboard Review | Promo Dashboard Bonus

The Only Point-And-Click System That Turns Internet Marketing And Promotion Into A Virtual No-Brainer


MiniTube>> Push Button Letters

Push Button Letters Review | Push Button Letters Bonus

The Push Button Letters software allows you to quickly and easily create winning salesletters without the need for paying expensive fees to copywriters.


Marlon Sanders The Amazing Formula>> The Amazing Formula

The Amazing Formula Review | The Amazing Formula Bonus

For the first time ever you get 11 drop dead mind boggling bribes just for taking “The Amazing Formula!” for a test drive.


MiniTube>> The Big Course

The Big Course Review | The Big Course Bonus

You get a complete course that reveals proprietary methods and secrets for creating products, writing killer sales copy, generating prospects and making sales!

Marlon Sanders The Writer's Secret>> The Writer’s Secret

The Writer’s Secret Review | The Writer’s Secret Bonus

You can earn a substantial amount of income just by taking advantage of The Writer’s Secret. Marlon Sanders shows you how he brings in the money all through writing.


Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard>> Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Dashboard Review | Traffic Dashboard Bonus

One of the most powerful traffic generation system ever, Traffic Dashboard gives you a step by step approach to bringing in a substantial amount of targeted traffic.





Free Giveaways



Marlon Sanders Squidoo Report>> Squidoo Report

Marlon Sanders, traffic expert, shows you exactly how you can get over 600 visitors a day by leveraging the awesome power of Squidoo.


Marlon Sanders Free Podcasts>> Free Podcasts

Free podcasts and items from Marlon Sanders, showing you several secrets on several online marketing subjects.


Marlon Sanders Free Videos and Reports>> Free Videos and Reports

A collection of detailed free videos and reports from the push-button king, Marlon Sanders.




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