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PLR Mini MartPLR Mini Mart is an online PLR minimart and shop that specializes in a variety of PLR material from a wide selection of different niches. This company was founded by Top Ghostwriter to the Gurus, Tiffany Dow. In the beginning, Tiffany was a high-profile ghostwriter for some of the top internet marketing gurus on the internet. Eventually she decided to expand her business and begin writing PLR content for her customers which evolved into PLR Mini Mart.


PLR Products

PLR Article Packs


MiniTube>> Alternative Health PLR

Alternative Health PLR Review | Alternative Health PLR Bonus

In this PLR Mega Pack, you will be able to find a set of Alternative Health PLR articles from Tiffany Dow. With the failure of the medical community, more and more people look for alternative health.


MiniTube>> Christmas Holiday PLR

Christmas Holiday PLR Review | Christmas Holiday PLR Bonus

Celebrate the Christmas season with this Christmas Holiday PLR Mega Pack. Christmas is always the most profitable season of the year, and this pack is from the PLR Mini Mart.



MiniTube>> Clickbank Reviews PLR

Clickbank Reviews PLR Review | Clickbank Reviews PLR Bonus

Are you a Clickbank affiliate? It can be hard writing those Clickbank product reviews. This Clickbank Reviews PLR from the PLR Mini Mart consists of a pack of 10 affiliate product reviews.


MiniTube>> Forex PLR

Forex PLR Review | Forex PLR Bonus

This Forex PLR Mega Pack provides you with some Forex PLR articles from the PLR Mini Mart. Forex is one of the hottest methods of making money online, and is a very popular niche.



MiniTube>> Gardening PLR

Gardening PLR Review | Gardening PLR Bonus

The tranquility of gardening has made it a very hot interest in the daily lives of many people. Get this Gardening PLR Mega Pack from the PLR Mini Mart and watch your sales come in well.


MiniTube>> Heart Health PLR

Heart Health PLR Review | Heart Health PLR Bonus

One of the biggest areas of problems when it comes to health-related concerns is the heart health. This Heart Health PLR Mega Pack is brought to you by the PLR Minimart of Tiffany Dow.


MiniTube>> Internet Marketing PLR

Internet Marketing PLR Review | Internet Marketing PLR Bonus

Hot internet marketing articles that you can use to rewrite and profit from in whatever the way you wish. Another internet marketing PLR Mega Pack from the PLR Minimart company of PLR products.


MiniTube>> Nice Guy Dating PLR

Nice Guy Dating PLR Review | Nice Guy Dating PLR Bonus

The dating niche is just as hot because so many people are having problems dating a nice guy. To solve their problems, you can get some informational solutions from this PLR Mega Pack.


MiniTube>> Relationships PLR

Relationships PLR Review | Relationships PLR Bonus

There are people out there who are seeking to save their relationships, and you can help them by giving them the appropriate information. That’s what this relatonships PLR mega pack is all about.


MiniTube>> Saving Money PLR

Saving Money PLR Review | Saving Money PLR Bonus

The world is undergoing a global economic crisis. People are looking for ways to cut down on the spending and save money. You can too with this Saving Money PLR Mega Pack.


MiniTube>> Stress PLR

Stress PLR Review | Stress PLR Bonus

Stress is a really difficult problem that many people in modern society are faced with. Do you know how to provide them with the solution to their problems? From the PLR Mini Mart.


MiniTube>> Weight Loss PLR

Weight Loss PLR Review | Weight Loss PLR Bonus

Obesity is one of the greatest problems in North America. Learn how you can help others lose weight by rewriting the information in this PLR Pack. Product of the PLR Minimart series of products.




PLR Books



MiniTube>> Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis Review | Bacterial Vaginosis Bonus

This is a PLR ebook on Bacterial Vaginosis from the PLR Mini Mart. This eBook is perfect for online marketers who are profiting in  the women’s health niche, and provides you great information.


MiniTube>> Blast Fat Build Abs

Blast Fat Build Abs Review | Blast Fat Build Abs Bonus

A PLR eBook that deals with losing weight while gaining rock solid abs at the same time. Use this book and profit from the booming weight loss and muscle building industry online.


MiniTube>> Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back Review | Get Your Ex Back Bonus

The eBook that is of great popularity among people who are seeking to get their ex back. Provides solution to a very large problem online. Product brought to you by the PLR Mini Mart.


MiniTube>> Mastering Friendfeed

Mastering Friendfeed Review | Mastering Friendfeed Bonus

Friendfeed mastery is something that can benefit you in more ways than one. With this product, you can benefit not just from Friendfeed, but also from the PLR rights that are attributed to this product.


MiniTube>> MLM Social Networking

MLM Social Networking Review | MLM Social Networking Bonus

A PLR Report that is perfect for those who are marketing in the multi-level marketing niche. This report shows you the powerful combination of MLM and social networking. By PLR Minimart.



MiniTube>> Up & Running Online

Up & Running Online Review | Up & Running Online Bonus

A lot of people are looking for ways to get their online business up and running, but not everyone knows the best way to do it. A PLR eBook for people who have that problem they are looking to solve.



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