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Jason FladlienJason Fladlien is a highly-successful internet marketer, copywriter and product creator who is widely regarded in the internet marketing industry. He was a former monk cum musician turned businessman, and he enjoys teaching and helping others to succeed in their online business. One of his areas of expertise is in time management, and he has taught thousands of people his methods for creating articles in 7 minutes and churning out sales copy like it was nothing.


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Jason Fladlien Products



Content Creation Product Line


MiniTube>> 48 Hour Report

48 Hour Report Review | 48 Hour Report Bonus

The 48 Hour Report from Jason Fladlien does just what the name implies. It helps you to creates reports in 48 hours as part of your line of unique products which you can then take and sell.


MiniTube>> 7 Minute Articles

7 Minute Articles Review | 7 Minute Articles Bonus

We use articles everyday for various marketing purposes. Discover the secrets of creating articles in 7 minutes or less using these series of techniques from Jason Fladlien.


MiniTube>> PLR Secrets

PLR Secrets Review | PLR Secrets Bonus

These PLR repurposing secrets from Jason Fladlien allow you to create unique product in under 19 minutes while totally enhancing their value. Quick content and product creation methods for you.



Copywriting & Sales Letters


MiniTube>> Instant Sales Letters

Instant Sales Letters Review | Instant Sales Letters Bonus

Learn about how you can set up sites in less than 4 minutes with sales letters that will help you to sell. Sales letters are an integral part of your marketing, so study this webinar series.


MiniTube>> Copy eClass

Copy eClass Review | Copy eClass Bonus

Introducing the concept of an interactive online class, Jason Fladlien did a Copy eClass classroom course for his subscribers. The results of the course webinars have been recorded.


MiniTube>> Niche Copywriter

Niche Copywriter Review | Niche Copywriter Bonus

The Niche Copywriter is a new product from Jason Fladlien that teaches you the niche copywriting concepts. This product comes with resell rights and sales pages so you can sell it yourself.


MiniTube>> Salesletter Design

Salesletter Design Review | Salesletter Design Bonus

First impressions count, and that’s why you should make sure that your salesletter design is looking good. This set consists of 24 different and professional designs by Jason Fladlien.


MiniTube>> Stopwatch Copywriting

Stopwatch Copywriting Review | Stopwatch Copywriting Bonus

Discover the secrets of writing copy quickly and easily with this Stopwatch Copywriting course by professional copywriter Jason Fladlien. Learn how to create copy that converts really well.


MiniTube>> Template Factory

Template Factory Review | Template Factory Bonus

Here’s how you can quickly create sales letters that convert like crazy. Just use this series of sales letter templates by Jason Fladlien, and now just fill in the blanks and get it done.



List Building & Email Marketing


MiniTube>> Bare Squeeze Pages

Bare Squeeze Pages Review | Bare Squeeze Pages Bonus

Jason Fladlien shows you how you can create bare essence squeeze pages that contain less than 100 words, and which take him less than 4 minutes to create. Quick and simple.


MiniTube>> Simple List Building

Simple List Building Review | Simple List Building Bonus

If you are someone without a powerful list, you should seriously consider these 7 powerful list building techniques. You’ll definitely be able to build your list up really really fast.



Membership & Continuity


MiniTube>> WP Member Champ

WP Member Champ ReviewWP Member Champ Bonus

WP Member Champ is is a simple software that will allow you to quickly and easily build membership sites for yourself. Click on the link above to find out more about this remarkable plugin.


MiniTube>> Membership Tactics

Membership Tactics Review | Membership Tactics Bonus

Learn the secrets of generating a powerful income again and again every month using these membership site tactics from Jason Fladlien. Combine this with Member Genius, and you are good.




Making Money Online


MiniTube>> 6 Figure Baby

6 Figure Baby Review | 6 Figure Baby Bonus

It’s amazing that Jason Fladlien was able to achieve a 6 figure month on the same month that his baby was born. How did he do it? Find out the secrets in this audio series.


MiniTube>> Visitor Value Multiplier

Visitor Value Multiplier Review | Visitor Value Multiplier Bonus

Discover how you can get $6.34 per click to your website with this simple four step technique. Multiply the value of your visitors tremendously and start making serious money online.


MiniTube>> Ghostwriting System

Ghostwriting System Review | Ghostwriting System Bonus

Jason Fladlien got his start by being an online ghostwriter. Now you can learn his secrets to making over $40 an hour by being a professional ghostwriter and start making serious money.


MiniTube>> Interview Cash Machine

Interview Cash Machine Review | Interview Cash Machine Bonus

The Interview Cash Machine teaches you one of Jason Fladlien’s fastest ways of going from zero to $10,000 in less than two weeks. Making money is easier than you really think.


MiniTube>> Make Money with WSOs

Make Money with WSOs Review | Make Money with WSOs Bonus

Another one of the easiest ways to make money online is with WSOs. However, there are secrets to making good WSO money that some marketers will simply never find out about.


MiniTube>> PM Product Launch

PM Product Launch Review | PM Product Launch Bonus

The Poor Man Product Launch by Jason Fladlien is a product that shows you exactly how you can earn a ton of money from product launches even if you are just a poor man with little to spend.


MiniTube>> Profit Equation

Profit Equation Review | Profit Equation Bonus

The Profit Equation teaches you how you can really profit, as shown by Jason Fladlien. Understand the Profit Equation and follow the formula to achieve best results in your business.



Personal Development


MiniTube>> Mind State Change

Mind State Change Review | Mind State Change Bonus

In the Mind State Change DVD series, Jason Fladlien strives to help marketers overcome many problems from the source of the mind that are preventing their money making progress.



Time Management & Productivity


MiniTube>> Double Your Productivity

Double Your Productivity Review | Double Your Productivity Bonus

Double Your Productivity for Life as Jason Fladlien shows you the secrets that he uses to manage his time like no other. Guaranteed to bring results in just 48 hours or even less.


MiniTube>> Instant Expert Technology

Double Your Productivity Review | Double Your Productivity Bonus

In order to become an expert quickly at many different things, Jason Fladlien developed his Instant Expert Technology. Now you can quickly become an expert to in the field of your choice.


MiniTube>> Time Management

Time Management Review | Time Management Bonus

Jason Fladlien tells you why the 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is total garbage. Learn the secrets of good time management from a real life pro who has earned his millions.






Amazon S3 Tutorial>> Amazon S3 Tutorial

Amazon S3 Tutorial Review | Amazon S3 Tutorial Bonus

Did you know that almost every tutorial out there is teaching you the wrong stuff about using Amazon S3? You put yourself at great risk, so found out the solution with Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos.


MiniTube>> 5 Minute Niche

5 Minute Niche Review | 5 Minute Niche Bonus

Finding the right niche is important and it can make or break your endeavors. Discover how tot find the right niche in 5 minutes with Jason Fladlien’s niche domination techniques.


3 Top Traffic Secrets>> 3 Top Traffic Secrets

3 Top Traffic Secrets Review | 3 Top Traffic Secrets Bonus

The traffic masters, Jason Fladlien and Kim Roach, each share their top three traffic secrets to help you generate a ton of traffic to your site. These are the secrets that they have profited greatly from.


MiniTube>> Webinar Pitch Secrets

Webinar Pitch Secrets Review | Webinar Pitch Secrets Bonus

Webinars are a great way to make money, but you have to know when you should pitch and when you shouldn’t. But when you pitch, you have to do it right. You should learn how.


MiniTube>> WP Twin

WP Twin ReviewWP Twin Bonus

This revolutionary new WordPress script is like nothing you’ve every seen on the market. It allows you to clone your WordPress blog exactly and instantly. The greatest backup ever.


WP Local Pro Theme>> WP Local Pro Theme

WP Local Pro Review | WP Local Pro Bonus

If you are offline consultant and also use WordPress as a part of your business, then you will find the WP Local Pro Theme to be just perfect for you. It includes a ready WP Twin clone included.


S3FlowShield>> S3FlowShield

S3FlowShield Review | S3FlowShield Bonus

The way it is right now, if you are using Amazon S3, you are putting yourself at a lot of risk of paying way too much and losing a lot of money too. A simple two-click solution to all your problems is here.


Easy Redirect Script>> Easy Redirect Script

Easy Redirect Script Review | Easy Redirect Script Bonus

You may be losing a ton of money due to affiliate theft and other problematic things. This script is one of the simplest and most powerful methods to get you on the right track today.






Jason’s Free Stuff


32 Free Reports>> 32 Free Reports

This special package offers you the chance to get 32 Free Reports from professional marketer, Jason Fladlien. These 32 free reports cover a wide range of topics in the field of internet marketing and making money online, including copywriting secrets and list building techniques, and is a collection of his best reports.


32 Free Reports>> Visitor Value Multiplier

Discover the secrets of multiplying the value of each visitor that comes to your site by several times. That’s what you will be able to learn from the Visitor Value Multiplier technique. This video training gives you the secrets by the master himself.



32 Free Reports>> Egghead Blogger

Do you want to be able to quickly and easily setup affiliate sites, offline marketing websites, and sales letters in just a matter of seconds. Then discover more about the Egghead Blogger concept, optimized out of the box to convert better than any site that you’re currently using.




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