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Jonathan LegerJonathan Leger, aka Jon Leger, is an SEO specialist, programmer and online marketer who has developed software that changed the internet marketing industry. He is probably best known for his Best Spinner software which revolutionized the art of article spinning. His other software have focused mainly on SEO, backlinking, and content creation. He’s been creating commercial software since the young age of 14 and has spent a number of years himself as a corporate software developer before he decided to spread his own wings and fly.




Jonathan Leger Products



SEO Product Line


One Way Links>> One Way Links

One Way Links Review | One Way Links Bonus

One Way Links is a link network by Jonathan Leger which allows you to submit your articles and gain one-way backlinks from thousands of blogs all across the web.



3 Way Links>> 3 Way Links

3 Way Links Review | 3 Way Links Bonus

Unlike the traditional one way links, 3 way links allows you to get one way links but in a link exchange, triangular type fashion. Click on the link above to learn more details about this system.


MyWayLinks>> MyWayLinks

MyWayLinks Review | MyWayLinks Bonus

MyWayLinks is an automated link exchange system that allows you to get links only from the sites you approve of. The more sites you have in the system, the more links you can qualify for.


WebComp Analyst>> WebComp Analyst

WebComp Analyst Review | WebComp Analyst Bonus

WebComp Analyst is a software that helps you to quickly analyze the linking power of the top ranking competitors in the search engines for your keyword. Analyzes both page and domain links.


Niche Horde>> Niche Horde

Niche Horde Review | Niche Horde Bonus

Niche Horde is a tool that provides you with a user-generated database of millions of keywords. It discovers these keywords along with their relevant statistics on complete autopilot.


Keyword Snatcher>> Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher Review | Keyword Snatcher Bonus

Keyword Snatcher uncovers hidden keywords using the suggestion feature of the top search engines. This tool is so powerful that it is now retired and not available to the public…



Content Creation Product Line


The Best Spinner>> The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner Review | The Best Spinner Bonus

The Best Spinner is the absolute best article spinning tool on the market, and a pioneer in its field. It was the first software to provide a built-in user-generated thesaurus.


Answer Analyst>> Answer Analyst

Answer Analyst Review | Answer Analyst Bonus

Articles were meant to answer questions. Answer analyst helps you to quickly create articles by answering questions and finding you the most frequently asked questions online.


Instant Article Wizard>> Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard Review | Instant Article Wizard Bonus

This revolutionary tool instantly generates articles for you based on your desired keyword. You can even determine the topic structure of your articles just by clicking the buttons.


Instant Article Wizard Pro>> Instant Article Wizard Pro

Instant Article Wizard Pro Review | Instant Article Wizard Pro Bonus

Instant Article Wizard Pro was once a more powerful version of Instant Article Wizard (IAW). It has since then been retired and its functionalities were integrated into IAW.


Instant Article Factory>> Instant Article Factory

Instant Article Factory Review | Instant Article Factory Bonus

A revolutionary article templating and structuring software that allows you to create 400-word articles in less than 4 minutes. The structure is provided, just enter the key points.



Miscellaneous Product Line


Web Data Parser>> Web Data Parser

Web Data Parser Review | Web Data Parser Bonus

Web Data Parser helps you to perform data mining to a much greater proficiency by allowing internet marketers to extract data from any table on an online web page.



Geek Free Profits>> Geek-Free Profits

Geek-Free Profits Review | Geek-Free Profits Bonus

Internet marketing is often a very technical occupation, causing many people to lose heart. Geek-Free Profits shows you how you can earn money online without needing to be a geek.


7 Dollar Secrets>> 7 Dollar Secrets

7 Dollar Secrets Review | 7 Dollar Secrets Bonus

This report details how Jonathan Leger made over $3000 in just seven days by selling a simple 30 page report for just $7. Includes the script that he used to make it work.


1000 Visitors in 24 Hours>> 1000 Visitors in 24 Hours

1000 Visitors in 24 Hours Review | 1000 Visitors in 24 Hours Bonus

Video marketing is one of the most powerful traffic generation tools online. Jonathan Leger shows how he drove 1000 visitors to his website in just 24 hours using one video.


Keyword Explosion>> Keyword Explosion

Keyword Explosion Review | Keyword Explosion Bonus

Keyword Explosion allows you to find the find the highest paying Adsense keywords that you can use for your marketing campaigns. These keywords are often overlooked.


Shablast>> One Dollar Ideas

One Dollar Ideas Review | One Dollar Ideas Bonus

One dollar ideas is a collection of one page reports that contain ideas for helping you build your online money-making business. Each of the reports costs just one dollar.


Preselling Secrets>> Preselling Secrets

Preselling Secrets Review | Preselling Secrets Bonus

In this report, Jonathan Leger shows you the secrets he used to earn over $20,000 with just one affiliate promotion. Preselling by not selling anything at all to the customer…


Shablast>> Review | Bonus is a site for publishers to find great content, and for writers to earn money by writing content for the publishers. Earn both money and backlinks by writing articles.


Real Traffic Exchange>> Real Traffic Exchange

Real Traffic Exchange Review | Real Traffic Exchange Bonus

Real Traffic Exchange is unlike other normal traffic exchange sites. It is based upon a concept similar to PPC, except that you get credits for your links to be shown on other sites.


Search Engine Myths Exposed>> Search Engine Myths Exposed

Search Engine Myths Review | Search Engine Myths Bonus

There are a lot of myths about ranking in the search engines. Some of these myths are true, some are not, but they can be dangerous. This product is now retired and not available for sale.


SEO Explosion>> SEO Explosion

SEO Explosion Review | SEO Explosion Bonus

SEO Explosion is an online tool that makes it fast and easy to analyze any set of keywords you want to rank for and find related keywords from a 2.5 MILLION keyword database.


Site Super Tracker>> Site Super Tracker

Site Super Tracker Review | Site Super Tracker Bonus

Site Super Tracker is a set of scripts that allows you to drop a little bit of code on each of your sites and pages that you want to analyze traffic for. It assists you in seeing where you should concentrate your efforts.


Real Traffic Exchange>> Video Traffic Power

Video Traffic Power Review | Video Traffic Power Bonus

Video Traffic Power is a system that allows you to gain massive traffic using the power of video. You are shown how easy it is to create video along with the top 34 video sharing sites.


Write That Report>> Write That Report

Write That Report Review | Write That Report Bonus

Many people have problems creating their own reports. Write That Report aims to help you to produce short but profitable reports that will earn you money with ease.



Cash4Links>> Cash4Links

Cash4Links Review | Cash4Links Bonus

Cash4Links allows writers to earn money and backlinks by creating articles, and it allows advertisers to buy backlinks from these articles which will be distributed to the article network.





Jon’s Free Stuff


Shablast>> Shablast

Shablast is a powerful personal search engine that was developed by Jon Leger. This search engine was developed due to the growing frustration of many people to find the things that they need when going through the search engines. Shablast is powered by Bing, but it is dissected by Jon to provide the most relevant results.


Real Traffic Exchange>> 3LR Content

3LR Content is a free service where users can go to get unique content. You can take this content and rewrite it or spin it, but the only condition is that you have to keep the single link that is present in that content intact. You may choose to submit your own article packages for others to use as well.


Real Traffic Exchange>> TipDrop

TipDrop is a community tipping site that was developed by Jonathan Leger. It is something like Twitter, but the key difference is that it only contains tips, and tips are added under appropriate categories to allow users to find the tips they are looking for quickly and easily. Add you own tips and build a reputation in the community.


Host My RSS>> HostMyRSS

HostMyRSS is a site that allows you to leverage the power of custom-made RSS feeds for the purpose of backlinking. Blogs generally only have one main RSS feed and can only get backlinks once. With HostMyRSS you can create RSS feeds from URLs that you specify and add to the list. Use the list and build backlinks for yourself.


Shablast>> 7 Dollar Offers

7 Dollar Offers is a free directory where you can browse through various products and purchase them for low prices. You even have the option of adding your own products to the directory yourself and get it viewed by thousands of people, giving you an outlet for traffic and exposure. A lot of good offers and products available.





Jon Leger’s Bio


Internet Marketing Bios

Date of Birth : January 30, 1985

History: About Me








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