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SMS Warrior OzOz also known by many as the Wizard of Oz or SMS Warrior, is an internet marketer and online marketing consultant who deals with various aspects of online marketing, including SEO and affiliate marketing. His specialty is writing great reports and providing thought-provoking and valuable content to readers in order to help them change their perspectives and improve their marketing. He is also the CEO of the Addictive Text boutique.



Oz’s Products



WP Easy Content>> WP Easy Content

WP Easy Content Review | WP Easy Content Bonus

WP Easy Content does just what its name says it does. This is a WordPress plugin that uses the Freemium content to easily generate tons of material for your sites that allow you to dominate and rank in the search engines. It is based on a simple concept that very few people know about and which is being used by elite marketers… More Details





The Q Factor>> The Q Factor

The Q Factor Review | The Q Factor Bonus

The Q Factor has been dubbed as the one essential ingredient that every internet marketer on planet Earth needs. It’s what makes the rich rich, the gurus sell ton of products, and it’s what can lead to the legendary million dollar day. Can you succeed without the Q Factor… More Details



The Q Factor>> The LEAD Report

The LEAD Report Review | The Lead Report Bonus

LEAD stands for Lead Engagement & Acquisition Dynamics. In short, this report shows you methods for boosting the power and leverage of your leads. Included in the report, Oz reveals concepts that allowed him to achieve an opt-in rate of over 80%, grossed over $6 per lead from one of his partners, and… More Details



The Q Factor>> GVMC & TTAAM

GVMC & TTAAM Review | GVMC & TTAAM Bonus

The Google Value Maximizer Concepts (GVMC) & The Truth About Article Marketing (TTAAM) show you how you can take advantage of various elements to rank your site high using Freemium Content … More Details




The Q Factor>> The TRAP Report

The TRAP Report Review | The TRAP Report Bonus

The TRAP report covers the area of Traffic Regulations and Pitfalls. It tells you why most SEO traffic regulations are holding you down, and why you should violate them. This includes the folly of keyword research and why duplicate content is truly king… More Details



The Q Factor>> The RAMOS Report

The RAMOS Report Review | T Bonus

Revolutionary Affiliate Marketing on Steroids, also known as RAMOS, shows you why traditional affiliate marketing is dying out, what you need to do to create a truly set and forget income stream for yourself… More Details






Oz’s Free Resources



The Q Factor>> The Q Experience

The Q Experience report is a free report that offers to teach you how you could possibly earn $200,000 or even more in a week without even selling. The only thing that you need is one essential ingredient… More Details





The Q Factor>> SEOn Trial

There is a lot of misinformation in the world of internet marketing, and this is especially true with regards to the art of SEO. In this free report, Oz debunks many of the myths that have been plaguing search engine optimizers and teaches you how you can drive masses of traffic to your site and get it to the top of Google… More Details




Niche Assets>> The 6 Figure Blueprint

Too many people are in this business just for the short term. They don’t think about the importance of bringing in a sustainable income in the long-term, and the result is that their business suffers. Discover the 19 step blueprint to six figures through a careful analysis and participation in real research… More Details





Oz’s Bio


Internet Marketing Bios

Date of Birth : Unknown

Location: Surrey, UK

Resources: Affiliate Program







Contact Oz


Contact Info

Homepage: http://addictivetext.com/

Company Website: http://addictivetext.com/

Customer Support: support [at] addictivetext.com





Network Info

Affiliate Program: http://www.themysteriousmarketer.com/sms-warrior-wizard-oz

Warrior Forum:  http://www.warriorforum.com/members/sms.html





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