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Tiffany DowTiffany Dow is an online marketer and social media specialist, who is widely-known for once being the Top Ghostwriter to the Gurus. She has since retired from her high-profile ghostwriting position and spends her days blogging, teaching others how to build a successful income online, as well as founding the PLR Mini Mart. She is also an expert in all-things Squidoo, and has released a number of products on how one can earn a lot of money using the social media giant.


Tiffany Dow Products


MiniTube>> PLR ATM

PLR ATM Review | PLR ATM Bonus

Tiffany Dow earns a lot of money by writing and creating PLR packs for her customers. She shows you how you can earn a massive passive income with PLR in here PLR ATM product.


MiniTube>> Work at Home Truths

Work at Home Truths Review | Work at Home Truths Bonus

These days, everyone wants to work from home, but most people fail because they don’t know the traps and pitfalls that abound. Work at Home Truths gives you Tiffany’s experience in running a home business.


MiniTube>> Squidoo Social Network

Squidoo Social Network Review | Squidoo Social Network Bonus

Social Networking on Squidoo unveils the secrets of top social networker Tiffany Dow on Squidoo. Squidoo can be a really powerful Web 2.0 tool and asset for earning good money online.


MiniTube>> Flip That Lens

Flip That Lens Review | Flip That Lens Bonus

There are a lot of ways that you can earn money from building Squidoo lenses. One of those ways is through lens flipping, though not many people take advantage of it in the right way.


MiniTube>> eBook Empire

eBook Empire Review | eBook Empire Bonus

This product from Tiffany Dow shows you how you can be Building Your eBook Empire. Selling information products and ebooks online is a really popular way of making quick money.


MiniTube>> Mastering Friendfeed

Mastering Friendfeed Review | Mastering Friendfeed Bonus

Mastering Friendfeed shows you how to can fully utilize the powerful social networking service to its best potential. At one time, it was something that overshadowed even the power of Twitter.


MiniTube>> Up & Running Online

Up & Running Online Review | Up & Running Online Bonus

Want to start building your online business but don’t know where to begin from? In this product from Tiffany Dow, she shows you how you can get up and running online in no time.


MiniTube>> Product Review Writing

Product Review Writing Review | Product Review Writing Bonus

Writing product reviews as a means of earning money can be a very powerful and simple income stream. TIffany Dow shows how you can write product reviews for affiliate cash.


MiniTube>> Squidoo Lenscrafting

Squidoo Lenscrafting Review | Squidoo Lenscrafting Bonus

There is a specific way of creating a Squidoo lens for best results. In this book on Lenscrafting on Squidoo, Tiffany Dow shows you how you should go about building your Squidoo lenses.


MiniTube>> Language of Squidoo

Language of Squidoo Review | Language of Squidoo Bonus

To be successful on Squidoo, you need to be able to mingle with the natives. Thats why Tiffany Dow is teaching you how you can be speaking the language of Squidoo for best results.



PLR Mega Packs


MiniTube>> Christmas Holiday PLR

Christmas Holiday PLR Review | Christmas Holiday PLR Bonus

This is a Christmas Holiday PLR Mega Pack from Tiffany Dow. It contains a large number of articles that you can use for building your online business around the Christmas holiday niche.


MiniTube>> Weight Loss PLR

Weight Loss PLR Review | Weight Loss PLR Bonus

This is a Diet Weight Loss PLR Mega Pack from Ghostwriter to the Gurus Tiffany Dow. Weight loss is a really ultra-hot market, and you can gain an upperhand with these great PLR articles.




MiniTube>> Stress PLR

Stress PLR Review | Stress PLR Bonus

This pack contains the Stress PLR Mega Pack by Tiffany Dow. Stress is a really big problem in modern society today, and many people are looking for a solution to their stress problems.


MiniTube>> Alternative Health PLR

Alternative Health PLR Review | Alternative Health PLR Bonus

This is an alternative health PLR mega pack from Tiffany Dow. Many people today are searching for alternative solutions for improving their health with the rising failures of the medical profession.


MiniTube>> Internet Marketing PLR

Internet Marketing PLR Review | Internet Marketing PLR Bonus

This product contains the Internet Marketing PLR Mega Pack from Tiffany Dow. Internet marketing is one very hot niche, and you can start profiting right away by using this PLR mega pack.


MiniTube>> Gardening PLR

Gardening PLR Review | Gardening PLR Bonus

This series contains the gardening PLR mega pack from online marketer Tiffany Dow. It contains a series of articles that you can use to quickly profit from the booming gardening niche.


MiniTube>> Relationships PLR

Relationships PLR Review | Relationships PLR Bonus

This package contains the Save Your Relationship PLR Mega Pack from Tiffany Dow. If you are in the dating and relationship market, discover how you can help others save their relationships.


MiniTube>> Nice Guy Dating PLR

Nice Guy Dating PLR Review | Nice Guy Dating PLR Bonus

Everyone wants to be dating a nice guy. If you are in the relationships and dating niche, you can profits with this Nice Guy Dating PLR Mega Pack from Tiffany Dow, the ghostwriting expert.


MiniTube>> Heart Health PLR

Heart Health PLR Review | Heart Health PLR Bonus

This is a Heart Health PLR mega pack from Tiffany Dow. It contains a large number of PLR articles that you can use in order to profit from the health niche, particularly in heart health.


MiniTube>> Saving Money PLR

Saving Money PLR Review | Saving Money PLR Bonus

This is a Saving Money PLR Mega Pack from Tiffany Dow, PLR creator. Many people are seeking to save money these days, especially with the onslaught of the global economic crisis.


MiniTube>> Forex PLR

Forex PLR Review | Forex PLR Bonus

This is a Forex PLR Mega Pack from expert PLR provider, Tiffany Dow. Forex is another really hot online market, and many people are seeking to earn money online using foreign exchange.


MiniTube>> Clickbank Reviews PLR

Clickbank Reviews PLR Review | Clickbank Reviews PLR Bonus

This product contains a pack of 10 Clickbank Affiliate Reviews PLR. You will be able to review and promote a number of different Clickbank products in order to earn your online profits.




PLR eBooks and Reports


MiniTube>> Blast Fat Build Abs

Blast Fat Build Abs Review | Blast Fat Build Abs Bonus

This PLR eBook from Tiffany Dow is about Blasting Fat and Building Abs. A combination of the best of both worlds, losing weight and gaining prominent and attractive muscles.


MiniTube>> Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back Review | Get Your Ex Back Bonus

This is a PLR ebook on how to Get Your Ex Back. a concise and informative eBook from Tiffany Dow, centering on the ever lucrative dating and relationships market for internet marketers.


MiniTube>> Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis Review | Bacterial Vaginosis Bonus

This is a PLR ebook on Bacterial Vaginosis by Tiffany Dow. This book is suitable for internet marketers who are targeting the women’s health niche, and provides you an informative resource.



MiniTube>> Up & Running Online

Up & Running Online Review | Up & Running Online Bonus

This is a PLR eBook on how to get yourself up and running online, by Tiffany Dow. It grants you the PLR rights to one of the popular products that Tiffany is also personally selling.


MiniTube>> Mastering Friendfeed

Mastering Friendfeed Review | Mastering Friendfeed Bonus

This is a PLR ebook on Mastering Friendfeed by top ghostwriter Tiffany Dow. You have full PLR rights to this informative eBook that is also being sold by Tiffany Dow as a full product.



MiniTube>> MLM Social Networking

MLM Social Networking Review | MLM Social Networking Bonus

This product is a PLR Report on MLM social networking from Tiffany Dow. MLM stands for multi-level marketing and is one of the hottest ways of earning money online today.





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