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Welly Mulia

Internet Marketer & Design Provider


Profile: An Indonesian internet marketer and design service provider, well-known for being one of the partners involved in WOW Minisites along with Adi Djohari.

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Welly Mulia Products



01. Gold Coaching

When Welly Mulia first got started earning money online, it took him almost one year to get his first pay cheque and another year to start earning consistent income. The purpose of Get Profits Fast Gold Coaching is to help beginners with a four month course.


02. Profits Theme

Profits Theme is a revolutionary new premium WordPress Theme designed by internet marketers for internet marketers. It can create almost any type of internet marketing page that you would need, and introduces the new CAGWYW technology for further leverage and professionalism.


03. Premium Squeeze Pages

These Premium Squeeze Pages are a massive collection of highly-affordable stunning squeeze page graphics which you can use to build your list. First impressions are important, and that’s the reason behind this collection.


04. WOW Minisites

WOW Minisites, as the slogan says, is the place where people can go to get one of the cheapest and most professionally well-designed minisites on the internet. This service is run by Welly Mulia and his partner Adi Djohari, and is used by some of the top names in the industry.



Welly Mulia Freebies



01. 10 Free Minisites

This free item provides you with 10 free minisite templates that you can use immediately. Welly Mulia of WOW Minisites typically charges customers for well-designed, professional minisites, so you can be sure that this download will be something worth using.


02. 34 Free Reports

A collection of 34 free reports on almost every topic imaginable in internet marketing. Whether you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, customer service, or even mindset, these reports will help you get it done. You can even give these away to build your list.


03. How to Replace Your Job

This detailed free report from Welly Mulia offers to show you how you can replace your job online. If you are new to online marketing and still having problems with setting yourself on the right track, then this free report should be able to help you on your journey to future profits and success.


04. WOW Minisite Graphics

This free package contains a collection of free minisite graphics that you can use on your minisites. A series of well-designed items that will be sure to benefit you and to leave the visual appeal of your blog all the more stunning.