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Wilson Mattos

Software Developer & Marketer


Profile: A professional software developer and marketer with over 17 years in the IT industry and an expert in the management of technology. CEO of Rapid Crush, and partner of Jason Fladlien.


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Wilson Mattos Products



01. Amazon S3 Tutorial

Almost every single Amazon S3 Tutorial out there is dead wrong in what they teach you. The way you learn to do it will expose yourself to great risks. Discover the real way to use Amazon S3 with Wil Mattos.


02. Easy Redirect Script

There are certain reasons why you shouldn’t be using free link cloaker or redirect tools. This powerful script allows you to quickly setup and create SEO redirects and promo splash redirects for your profit…


03. S3FlowShield

The way that most people use Amazon S3 put them at great risk of losing a ton of money, as well as the possibility of paying way too much. This product provides a two-click solution to your problems.


04. Special Edition Using Linux

Wilson Mattos strongly recommends the use of Linux. This special edition will show you how to install, configure, and use the latest Linux freeware operating system. Networking matters are included.


05. Step By Step Mobile

Mobile marketing is one of the hottest things in online marketing and making money right now. The Step by Step Mobile course takes you by the hand in learning the real concepts of mobile marketing by the pros.


06. Webinar Legend

Another hot trend in the internet marketing world is the use of webinars to make fast and solid money. Practically everyone is jumping on the webinar bandwagon and now you can become a webinar legend too.


07. WP File Lock

This handy WordPress plugin will help you to quickly and powerfully secure your product download pages so that only customers can get it. This software integrates with a number of other services too.


08. WP Fan Pro

Facebook is a really hot platform for marketing, so much so that even local businesses are jumping on it and trying to promote themselves. This Facebook WordPress theme will help you help them.


09. WP Local Pro

WP Local Pro is the perfect theme for offline consultants and people who are making their living offline using WordPress. Get your sites up and running quickly.WP Twin Ready Clone included.


10. WP Member Champ

This WordPress plugin is the easiest and fastest way to get your membership site up and running. It boasts simplicity and ease of use, and integrates perfectly with Aweber and PayPal. Sites up in two minutes.


11. WP Twin

One of the most revolutionary new software scripts to hit the market, this powerful tool allows you to clone your WordPress blog exactly in less than a few minutes. Never worry about blog failure again…



Wilson Mattos Freebies



01. Two Hour Mobile Marketing Webinar

Wilson and his partner Jason are offering this free two hour mobile marketing webinar replay just for you. You can take the principles and start earning big money with them right away after you finish watching.