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Yanik Silver

Maverick Internet Marketer


Profile: Internet marketer, copywriter, and CEO of Surefire Marketing, providing solutions for internet marketers in order to help them to reach the ideal lifestyle.


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Yanik Silver Products



01. 33 Days to Online Profits

In this series, Yanik asks you to give him a simple 33 days. In those 33 days, he’ll prove to you that you can start making real money online. You will be given comprehensive lesson plan each day for 33 days.


02. 33 Days to Online Profits Video CDs

For those of you who would prefer interactive audio and video training, this video CD series will be delivered right to your door step and show you how you can go from start to profit in just 33 days.


03. Autoresponder Magic

Autoresponders can make you money, but adding some magic will help you to make even more money than before, on total autopilot for you. Massively increase your online profits right now.


04. Best of Underground Online Seminar

The Underground Online Seminar has always been one of Yanik’s most popular events. Even if you didn’t make it, you can get the best of the seminar right here and now without a second thought.


05. Copywriting Seminar in a Box

Yanik offers the tactics that Dan Kenny uses in order to turn words into money in this profound seminar in a box just for you. Learn the underground secrets of copywriting used by the masters.


06. Info Players Workshop

This is the Ultimate A-to-Z Information Marketing Brain-in-a-Box will give you the chance to extract the essence of marketing knowledge that Yanik uses in his seven figure business, down to the essential steps.


07. Instant Marketing Toolbox

Let your poor online marketing results disappear as you gain access to a powerful turn-key, monthly marketing system that has done almost all of the work for you already. Right at your fingertips…


08. Instant Sales Letters

How would you like to be able to quickly and easily produce winning sales letters that are guaranteed to help you sell your product or service within a matter of minutes without the need for writing?


09. Magnetic Marketing

Turn on your switch and power up your magnetic personality with this item that will have you bringing and attracting customers close to you just like flies are attracted to the sweet honey.


10. Maverick Business Adventures

Maverick Adventurers will be able to visit places that they have never been before in a quest to understand the intricacies of business and the adventurous world beyond in a fun way.


11. Maverick Business Insider

Get the insider secrets that are being shared with the Maverick Business Insiders, including a $15,000 closed door session that changed the lives of many, as well as the rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs.


12. Million Dollar Emails

Email marketing allows you to quickly create cash surges for yourself wherever and whenever you want to. This series provides you the secrets of some of the most successful email campaigns.


13. Mind Motivators

This item presents you with twenty-one powerful underground tactics that you can use to instantly turn your prospects into buyers and keep your customers buying from you again and again.


14. Moonlighting on the Internet

This popular book by Yanik covers how you can use the internet as your own personal cash machine, using it to generate money for you again and again. He holds nothing back with what works.


15. Power Pause

The Power Pause provides you with a 3-minute, 3-step formula for personal success and real happiness. It might change your outlook on both life and business, as well as bringing you on an adventure.


16. Public Domain Goldmine

In this special goldmine package, Yanik offers you the opportunity to take away some full-length public domain works on the top markets in the world, which you can start using and profiting from right away.


17. Public Domain Riches

This product reveals to you an underground way for you to smuggle in for yourself a never ending supply of content on nearly any topic that you could possibly imagine. Take advantage and produce products with ease.


18. Ultimate Copywriting Workshop

This copywriting workshop provides you with the every underground secret, trick, tactic, shortcut, and more, used by one of the world’s top copywriters to pull in huge amounts of cash at his will.


19. Underground Online Seminar

Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar is a yearly event that provides you with special access with under-the-radar industry leaders who are quietly making millions behind the scenes, and reveals their secrets to you.


20. Web Copy Secrets

Gain special access to this series of powerful secrets used by some of the web’s most successful sites, and listen carefully as you will be shown some never-before revealed strategies in deep, grueling detail.



Yanik Silver Freebies



01. The Maverick Manifesto

In this powerful presentational video from Yanik, he wants to share with you the 7 biggest keys towards achieving your own personal freedom. This video contains some powerful items, cool pictures, as well as a part of Yanik’s life that he has never revealed to the public before…


02. Maverick Enterpreneurs Live Webinar

In this free webinar video, Yanik introduces to you a series of people whom he has insider connections with. These people are self-made millionaires, ranging from celebrities to corporate owners.