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Critical Updates

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Update #1: Instant Article Factory, a new software to revolutionize the way we write articles is coming out very soon. Be on the look out!



Jonathan Leger has developed a new software known as the Instant Article Factory that boasts the ability to help you to produce and write 400 word articles in less than 5 minutes, quickly and easily. Even 3 minutes isn’t a problem for creating the text that you need!

Although this software is still in the development phase, is it powerful enough to help you overcome your article writing problems?

This product is going to be launched on July 12th, which is Monday, and there will be a very limited time only Instant Article Factory Discount, so be prepared.

Find out the facts in this Instant Article Factory Review… Don’t forget to get your Instant Article Factory Bonus Diamond edition at the same price as the original… You will be able to get this $100,000 bonus only on this page, so scroll down all the way below and get it right now!

Now, let’s continue on with your review of this product…

In order to properly review this product just for you, I have obtained early access for myself, and I will be giving you the best guide on the web on all the cool features and specifications that this tool offers, along with how you can best use this tool to your advantage.

Is this tool worth the investment? Can it really help you to write 400 word articles in three minutes? Can you really explode your article marketing efforts like never before? What are the pros and cons of this product?

I’m sure that you must have thousands of questions in the back of your mind, the most common of them being mentioned above.

No worries…

I will be reviewing Instant Article Factory completely for you below.

However, before you start, please click on the link below and watch the video demonstration for more information… It will definitely be informative for you…

Instant Article Factory Guide


Who is Jonathan Leger?

Before you proceed even further though, you may be wondering about who this Jonathan Leger guy is. If you aren’t the least bit curious, or you already know, you can skip this section.

However, for those of you who do want to know, Jonathan Ledger is quite an experienced and well-known internet marketer and programmer who is best known for his constant releases of brand new revolutionary tools.

You may or may not have one of his tools. Just to give you an illustration, some of Jonathan Leger’s products include:

The Best Spinner – This is definitely the best article spinner in the market right now, and it has helped me to reduce my article spinning time from one hour down to twenty minutes.

After having used so many different article spinning solutions, it’s not just me, but if you have been in the internet or article marketing fields for a while, then you must have definitely at least heard of The Best Spinner before.

Also, one of the key features of Instant Article Factory is that it integrates features from The Best Spinner as well for highly powerful article spinning and content creation.

Instant Article Wizard Pro – This is another one of Jon’s revolutionary products and has helped thousands of people to generate articles quickly and easily. It is different from Instant Article Factory as it merely helps you to generate research sentences based on your content of choice, however, it is a good complement to both The Best Spinner and Instant Article Factory.


Who is Instant Article Factory for?

Now, this section will answer the question of whether Instant Article Factory is for you. This great product is suitable for you:

  • If you want to create tons of high quality articles quickly and easily.
  • If you are an article marketer who needs to churn out hundreds of articles a week.
  • If you rely on the use of articles for backlinking and exploding your traffic through the search engines.
  • If you have a particular type of article that you need to write consistently on a regular basis.
  • If you are new to internet marketing and writing articles is one of the things you hate most.
  • If you are already someone who is experienced in the internet marketing field but still hates writing articles.
  • If you would like to cut down your article writing time dramatically.
  • If you want to cut down the costs of expensive article creation outsourcing.
  • If you need a tool to add to your arsenal for completing our manual of daily article promotion work.

However, although this product gives you the ability to create high quality articles quickly, if used single-handedly, it focuses on quantity rather than quality of articles.

But, due to the addition of various features, you too can create articles that are of high quality and that you need to write frequently. More on that in the sections below…


Installation & Compatibility Information

Instant Article Factory is compatible on any computer, regardless of whether you are using a PC or a Mac.

The reason for this is because it is web-based. As a result, you can run it from any computer you want, as long as you have an internet connection.


How it works

This is a rough overview of how Instant Article Factory works.

Basically, the software contains over 17 templates from which you can choose to design your articles.

The templates fill in all the filler material and sentences for you, as you would have seen by watching the video as shown above.

That means that, all you have to do is to fill in the blanks given by the software, and at the end you press the button and the article is fully developed for you.

Every time you refresh the page, the article template changes, so there is no chance of duplicate content.

Furthermore, templates are thrown away and replaced by new ones after a thousand uses to further ensure that there is no chance of duplicate content happening.

Sentences can be spun with the inbuilt article spinning function, that integrates itself directly with The Best Spinner.

It’s a bit hard to explain with words the concept of how it works, so you should definitely watch the video above if you haven’t done so yet. ;)


How can you use it

Well, now that you know that Instant Article Factory allows you to product articles at blindingly fast speeds, you may be interested in knowing how it can be used.

The first way that you would be able to use it would be for creating articles for distribution to article directories. You will be able to create a lot of unique articles quickly and easily.

However, this is not limited to article directories, as you can submit the articles to Web 2.0 sites, press release sites maybe, etc.

Anywhere where articles are accepted would be good for you to use as a base for submissions.

Next is that you may want to use the articles for spinning. If you are a member of The Best Spinner , you would easily be able to spin any articles you create within minutes.

However, it also helps that spinning is inbuilt into the software.

Well, there are a lot of different ways that you can use such a handy tool, and it’s only limited by your imagination. ;) I leave you to figure out the rest yourself…

However, if used in the right way, it can be a lot more powerful than you can imagine…

Submit your articles and use them to make a Squidoo lens, Hubpage hub, and more! Ranking in the major search engines such as Yahoo and Google with article marketing has never been so easy.


Interface and Overview of Features

In this section, I will go into an overview of the things that you can expect to find in your Instant Article Factory control panel.

The Instant Article Factory software is divided into five main sections, namely Article Templates, User Templates, My Templates, My Articles, and My Account.

1. Article Templates. In this section, you will be able to find all the available templates in the software that you can use for churning out your articles.

There are quite a lot of templates that cover a lot of different types of articles so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in only one particular style of article writing.

As of the time of the writing of this Instant Article Factory Review, there are 17 different types of templates that you can use, and they range from 250 to 500 word articles.

Of course, you can always make the articles longer by inserting more information into the blanks provided by the template.

Perhaps you are just curious of the types of templates you can find inside, so I will just give a list of each one.

Note that new templates are being added regularly, and you can even add your own templates too! That is the really powerful part.

In the templates section, you will be able to find templates for:

  • 3 Reasons You Should (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length article on why you should do something.
  • 3 Things To Avoid (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length article outlining 3 things to avoid in your subject area.
  • 5 Reasons You Should (approx 450-550 words): Creates a long article with 5 reasons you should do something.
  • 5 Things To Avoid (approx 250-350 words): Creates a short article with 5 things to avoid about your subject area.
  • 7 Reasons You Should (approx 450-550 words): Creates a long article with 7 reasons you should do something.
  • How To … In 3 Steps (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length How-To article involving 3 steps.
  • How To … In 5 Steps (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length How-To article involving 5 steps.
  • How To … In 7 Steps (approx 450-550 words): Creates a long How-To article involving 7 steps.
  • Product Review (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length product review article.
  • Product Review II (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length article reviewing a product.
  • Pros And Cons ((approx 250-350 words): Creates a short article listing the pros and cons of your subject matter.
  • Pros And Cons II (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length article around the pros and cons of your subject matter.
  • The 5 Golden Rules Of (approx 250-350 words): Creates a short article with 5 rules or guidelines for your subject area.
  • Top 3 Tips (approx 250-350 words): Creates a short article containing 3 tips around your subject matter.
  • Top 3 Tips II (approx 250-350 words): Creates a short article with the top 3 tips for your subject matter.
  • Top 5 Tips (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length article with the top 5 tips for your subject matter.
  • Top 7 Tips (approx 350-450 words): Creates a medium-length article with the top 7 tips for your subject matter.
  • And more…

1.1. Using Article Templates

So, if you want to use templates, it’s very easy. All you have to do is click on one of the templates, and you will be brought to a page where you can fill in the blanks for that template.

Take note that you can directly edit the template itself if you wanted to, and this makes it very flexible.

Also, for each box you can fill in, you can also insert spinning syntax for it in order to spin the article for several variations. Furthermore, Instant Article Factory directly integrates itself with The Best Spinner.

The result of this is that you can spin your sentences and words with the click of a button! Now, not only can you create articles within minutes, you can create spun articles within the same amount of time!

2. User Templates

The user templates section is where you can browse templates that are being contributed by all the users of Instant Article Factory.

The more users using Instant Article Factory, the more gigantic the database of templates that you will be able to get from this great service.

3. My Templates

In this section, you will be able to create your own templates. You can even choose to share the templates you have created with the community, though this is optional and is subject to approval.

Creating templates is very easy, and all you have to do is to insert the template title, description, and article body.

There is an explanation on how you can make certain areas in the article body fill-in-the-blanks, so it is really very simple.

4. My Articles

This section is where you will be able to view the articles that you have created and saved.

5. My Account

This section simply displays your full name, email address that you used to purchase the software, and the details of when you created your account.

You can also choose to reset your login password here.


Other Added Value

The software comes with free updates, so you will be able to access all of the updates that come with the software.

If you’ve purchase Jonathan’s software before, then you know quite well that he updates very frequently with a lot of powerful new features.

Furthermore, you can make suggestions on improving the software in the private Instant Article Factory forum. There is a link to it from inside the software.

You will also be given free support as a user of the software should you encounter any problems.

Last but not least, by purchasing this software, you will be able to get access to the Bonus Diamond Edition worth over $100,000 for free just by purchasing from the link at the bottom of this page.


Benefits of Instant Article Factory

The benefits of this software are probably not needed to be mentioned.

You are able to write articles at speeds faster than you have ever done before. Even if you are someone who hates writing articles, you can easily do it in five minutes or less.

If you are someone more experienced who writes articles all the time, perhaps you could do it in one or two minutes.

The ability to churn out high quality and crystal clear articles within minutes opens up itself to a ton of possibilities.

You could use those articles for distributions for article marketing, or you could even use them on your own blog or site as your own articles for readers to digest.

Also, you will be able to save yourself thousands of hours and dollars in article writing and outsourcing costs.

The ability to add your own templates means that if you are writing a certain type of article often, you will be able to do it very quickly.

Sharing of templates by users also helps in this aspect as well.

It allows quick integration with The Best Spinner, and so is perfect for people who take advantage of the power of article spinning and SEO.



From my point of view, the use of the software based on the predefined templates is more targeting towards article quantity rather than article quality.

Meaning that you can churn out a lot of articles fast, but you if need to write articles where you have the freedom and ability to express yourself, such as for blog posts, it may not be that suitable.

Regardless of the quality of the articles, by following a template, you can only achieve so much. However, the amount you can achieve is truly astounding based on the purpose that this software was made for.

As the template directory grows, there is not doubt that many more powerful article variations will be created and will lead a to a lot more possibilities.


How Much Does It Cost

The software costs $47 a year, which is a small price to pay for such a powerful tool, along with all the updates that come with it.

BUT, take note that $47 a year is the price that you will get IF and only if you get it within the first 5 days after the software is launched. That means from July 12th to July 17th.

If you are too slow and try to get it after that, you will have to pay around $74 a year I guess, though that still isn’t really very expensive compared to other software out there that can’t even do what this one does.


Other Comments

Well, after testing out Instant Article Factory, I can easily see it’s power. Because I was not that familiar with it yet, it took me 5 minutes to churn out this 400 word article below:


3 Reasons You Should Use Instant Article Factory

Did you ever think about that maybe you should use Instant Article Factory to explode your article and content creation with a lot more efficiency and productivity? That thought has occurred to many people, some have even acted upon it. Most just think it over briefly, then dismiss the idea, at times because they do not find out how to go about it, in other cases because it is a large unknown, still others because they imagine they cannot do it.

Well, kick back here for a moment and let’s examine that. Listed here are three good reasons why you should use Instant Article Factory, for one to consider.

First off, if you are someone who really hates article writing and does it at a really slow rate, then Instant Article Factory can help you to eliminate that problem. O.K., I understand your objection that it may be impossible for you to do that on your own. That’s true, but still you are no longer on your own as you will be able to leverage the power of this magnificent work of art.

Secondly, you will be able to cut outsourcing costs and save yourself thousands of dollars and hours every month or year. Plus, you will probably be able to churn out even more articles than your outsourcers could ever hope to do within a few minutes. And those articles are unique and of extremely high quality too

And Third, you will be able to leverage the power of article marketing to a greater extent than ever before. Which means that you will be able to take advantage of the most powerful and popular form of online marketing there is. Again, you should not let this chance pass, as it will be for a limited time only!

Once you look at the reasons and evaluate them, I expect you will have to admit that a compelling case can be made for thinking about the way to best use Instant Article Factory.

Think it over. Maybe you actually, in all seriousness, should get this software right now, and reap the benefits before your competitors do. And furthermore, you will be able to get a great $100,000 expansion pack for purchasing from this site..

Find out how to turbocharge your article production to minutes at this website, which is the Instant Article Factory Official Site.


Well, if I wasn’t using this software, it would have taken me twice that amount of time, as I usually write articles in 7 to 10 minutes.

However, using this software, I could have done it in maybe 2 to 3 minutes if I didn’t try to make it so detailed.

Thus, I would like to say that after testing out this software, I found it to be really good and it will definitely be a valuable addition to my marketing arsenal.

Furthermore, it creates the author bio box for you too, which is really convenient…


Comparison to Instant Article Wizard Pro

For people using Instant Article Wizard Pro, you may want to know which is better or what’s the difference.

Actually, for me I would say that both products serve different purposes, though some functions overlap. Both tools can very well complement each other.

You will be able to do research for any topic instantly with Instant Article Wizard Pro, while with Instant Article Factory, you will be able to get the article put together and ready for submission with clicks of the button.


Comparisons to Article Writing Courses

There are a lot of great article writing courses out there that can help you to boost your article writing ability by many times.

After using a lot of them, they really helped me to increase my speed a lot.

Instant Article Factory does not entirely replace these courses, but if you are planning on taking such a course or eBook, it can definitely help you to use Instant Article Factory to even more effectiveness.


Tips for using Instant Article Factory

There are several tips and great techniques that I could give you for using Instant Article Factory, having used the software myself.

You will be able to get these tips and techniques in the special Instant Article Factory Bonus Diamond Expansion Pack below!

Let me tell you that, even before I started using Instant Article Factory, I was able to write articles at speeds of 5 to 10 minutes per 400 word article.

In fact, I learn several techniques including how you can write more than a hundred articles within a few days, and I am offering you these techniques in my bonus pack below.

Make sure you get it as you won’t be able to get these techniques anywhere else! ;)

If you can write hundreds of articles per week without Instant Article Factory, imagine what you would be able to do once you have the software!


My Challenge

After using Instant Article Factory a few times, my record for a 400 word article is 3 minutes and 7 seconds. I dare you to beat that! ;)

Got an even faster speed than me when creating a 400 word article? Just post your speeds in the comments box below so we can compare.





Instant Article Factory Bonus

In this section, I give you details on the Instant Article Factory Diamond Edition which you can get from this site for the exact same price as the Standard Edition.

This bonus pack is worth well over $100,000 and you will definitely find it helpful to you in a number of ways, including helping you to use Instant Article Factory in the best way possible as well as giving you techniques in which you can use the articles you create for maximum leverage.

In fact, I would like to tell you that what I’m about to give you is the world’s greatest Internet Marketing Bonus, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else!


Instant Article Factory Bonus #0

Instant Article Factory Discount (Worth 50% Off)

If you purchase from the link below, you will be entitled to getting Instant Article Factory at a price of 50% off!

However, this offer is only valid until the 17th of July, 2010, so once that is gone, the offer will disappear for good!

If you want to get yourself a copy of Instant Article Factory, and lock it in at a lifetime low price, then now is the time to do it before it is lost forever. Just like it was with The Best Spinner…


Instant Article Factory Bonus #1

The Mysterious Article Tool (Worth $97)

With this tool, you will be able to submit the articles you create from Instant Article Factory to the top article directories on the web.

Not only will you be able to gain massive leverage, you will be able to drive tons of targeted traffic to your site quickly and easily!

Normally, you would need to pay additional expenditure to get a tool like this, but I am giving it to you absolutely free of cost! Where else would you get such a powerful tool for free?

The purpose of using this tool is not only to get massive traffic, but also backlinks.

Let’s face it, the main purpose of article marketing when used for the purpose of SEO is to gain tons of backlinks for yourself.

You can automate the process of article creation with Instant Article Factory. Now you can automate the use of those articles too!


Instant Article Factory Bonus #2

Backlink Rogue Agent (Worth $197)

Since we are on the topic of backlinking, let me share with you this collection of secret backlinking techniques that are being used by the super affiliate to achieve massive rankings in the search engines.

You all probably know that super affiliates use some pretty ninja techniques that they never tell anyone.

This package offers you the opportunity to take full advantage of all of those techniques for yourself with some very ninja moves.

You will be getting more than 50 indepth videos and 50 audio sessions that will make sure you succeed in whatever SEO campaign that you enter.

Watch over the shoulder of this guru and he teaches you the exacts methods step by step in detailed fashion.

It includes four core modules, that will lead you on the road to victory.

And if that isn’t enough, I’ll throw in an additional 4 other bonus modules in addition to the four core ones.


Instant Article Factory Bonus #3

The Mysterious Forum Tool (Worth: $97)

One of the most powerful ways to gain backlinks to your site is through the use of forum links.

Forum links can get you a lot of traffic, and they will be there for years to come, bringing you both link juice and traffic that will literally explode your sales sky high.

However, it can be troublesome going up and down several different forums, no?

This powerful tool will allow you to manage and post to hundreds of different forums quickly and easily, and you can even use it with Instant Article Factory for max effect!

Let’s just say you create a template for forum posts and post them at forums all over the net… ;)

This tool is so powerful, that I have to say that using it is your own responsibility. You shouldn’t even think of spamming with this tool, and if you do, it’s not my responsibility either…

So don’t even try to spam with it…


Instant Article Factory Bonus #4

50 Product Review Articles for Clickbank (Worth: $167)

With this bonus, you will be able to get a very exclusive set of product review articles for the top 50 best selling products on Clickbank.

Rewrite these articles quickly within minutes with Instant Article Factory and you got gold!

Normally, it would take you a lot of research and testing to find out enough about these products to be able to write reviews for them.

Literally buying and testing them all out one by one would be way to tedious.

Now you can get all these high quality articles at no extra cost to you.

Furthermore, all of the articles come with affiliate links, so all you have to do is to plug in your affiliate ID into the links and you are good to go.

Quick and easy money for you…

Instant Article Factory Bonus #5

The Mysterious Article Marketing Box (Worth: $197)

I did mention that I was going to teach you how to create hundreds of articles within a week, quickly and with no sweat, and this mysterious box contains all of those secrets and even more.

This box has everything you need to explode your article marketing efforts.

Not only can you create articles even faster than you ever did before with this combined together with Instant Article Factory, but I have some very key secrets and tools inside for you.

Apart from that, you will even be getting something that brings you all the information for your article at the click of a button. No hassle or trouble at all….

Everything is completely automated when it comes to content research…

Instant Article Factory Bonus #6

The Mysterious PLR Article Collection (Worth: $1970)

Now you will be able to double, or even triple your results with Instant Article Factory.

Thousands upon thousands of PLR Articles in hundreds of niches just for you…

You will never run out of content or ideas to write about again.

It is quick and simple to rewrite each of these articles into your very own unique article within minutes using Instant Article Factory.

Double your power and double your results with this amazing package!

Instant Article Factory Bonus #7 to Bonus #3016

The Mysterious Bonus (Worth: $100)

The Mysterious Bonus is the World’s Greatest Internet Marketing Bonus and my ultimate secret treasure. Not many people can get access to it.

Would you like to?

Click on the link below for more information on what’s inside The Mysterious Bonus:

The Mysterious Bonus


Inside the Mysterious Bonus, you will be able get content that’s worth well over $100, including eBooks, Courses, Videos, Software, and much more. Templates, websites, PLR, MMR, you name it and you will find it in there…

The Mysterious Bonus is the last bonus that you will ever need to succeed in IM, and you will be able to get instant access to it for free, but only for a limited time!

Not only will you be able to get instant access to The Mysterious Bonus, but you will be able to get free lifetime qualification to all the new bonuses and products that are added to The Mysterious Bonus every week.

Get thousands and thousands of dollars in value each and every month. Normally, I should be charging you at least $1 to $2 every month just to access this, but I’m not…

Inside the Mysterious Bonus you will be able to get access to:

  • Extremely exclusive underground discounts and coupon codes on products you wouldn’t have imagined.
  • PLR and MMR content that you can use for earning yourself money and boosting your salary.
  • Thousand dollar tips, tricks, and techniques that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.
  • Everything that you need to succeed in IM.
  • Access to exclusive products and artifacts by the best in the world, such as Seth Godin, Yanik Silver, Paul Colligan, Robert Kiyosaki, Jason Fladlien, and more.
  • New bonuses and items added regularly.
  • Powerful marketing software that you can use for free in the bonus area and that will turbocharge your results like never before.


Here’s what some of our members have to say about The Mysterious Bonus:


I just want to tell you thank you so much for your generous bonus. I have truly never seen anything like it. I now have a resource that may be better than the course I originally bought. There is information on pretty much any topic on internet marketing in the stuff you gave me. I’m really blown away at not only the sheer volume but of the fantastic quality of the material. You have really put a lot of work into putting this together. Thank you!


Where did you get all of this great stuff? Some of the software, I knew that I would not be able to have anything like that for a while. This is totally unbelievable Thx.



Follow the instructions below, and get your access to all of these great bonuses, and more right now while stocks last!

Thanks a lot once again for reading my review, and I hope you liked it. Leave a comment in the comment box and let us know if you would like to discuss your results with the software.



The Mysterious Marketer



To Claim Your Bonuses Follow These Easy Steps:

STEP 1Clear your browser cookies and then purchase Instant Article Factory from


STEP 2 – Send me your receipt, and the name and email you used when purchasing the item, by using the form below.

STEP 3 – Wait for my reply. I’ll get back to you ASAP with your bonuses! ;)

STEP 4 – If you don’t get your bonus within a few days, please check your junk mail folder, as sometimes it gets blocked. :( If you don’t find it there, then please contact me using the Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Sorry for any inconveniences!






Legal Notice:

1) My bonus offer above is NOT the responsibility of the seller of the primary product.

2) PayDotCom will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of my bonus package. My bonus package is not for sale, it is offered as is to people who purchase the primary product through my link.

3) If you have any issue regarding bonus delivery, bonus functionality or bonus quality use the Contact Form to contact me. :)


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