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Instant Article Wizard Review

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Instant Article Wizard is an article generation software that was developed by Jonathan Leger for the purpose of helping the internet marketing community produce content faster. This software has actually been around for quite some time, but it has been upgraded through various stages of it’s life. It’s current version is Instant Article Wizard 3.0.

It was first released as a standalone software in the form of Instant Article Wizard 1.0. At that time, though the product was quite useful and did well in generating articles along with drawing research on specific keywords, it was not as powerful as it’s current form, though it was more affordable at a lower price.

Jon created a second version of the same software called Instant Article Wizard Pro, which included a monthly subscription, and was much faster and more powerful than the standard Instant Article Wizard. Instant Article Wizard Pro has since then been retired and the funtionalities of both the standard and pro version have been combined together to produce Instant Article Wizard 3.0.


01. Introduction

Creating content in the form of articles in necessary for most every internet marketer out there. Content is the lifeblood of the internet, and content in the form of written text is given particular importance because it is mainly what search engines are able to read, allowing marketers to get their content ranked in the search engines.

However, writing articles is one of the hardest things that most marketers face. They don’t really like it as they find it difficult and time consuming without a proper system to implement. As such most marketers either give up altogether or they outsource content creation for a large fee.

Instant Article Wizard helps you to overcome this problem through the rapid research and structuring of articles based on your desired keyword. All you have to do insert your desired keyword, click on the research button, and it brings back keywords and article paragraphs that you can quickly piece together and rewrite with synonyms.

This tool is suited for marketers who:

  • Have problems creating their own articles and content from scratch
  • Want to create more articles and content but don’t want to spend excessive time or money
  • Massive article marketing campaigns targeting a number of keywords
  • Do article marketing on a regular basis and spend a lot of time creating content
  • Want to be able to reduce the amount of time spent creating articles but don’t want to outsource
  • Need more traffic and sales through the use of article marketing
  • Want to fill their blogs or sites with more content or articles


02. Instant Article Wizard Features

The features incorporated in Instant Article Wizard are simple and straight forward to use, but very powerful. You can enter one keyword, or a number of keywords for which you want research to be done for, and all you have to do is press the Research button.

Instant Article Wizard will then pull back topics and paragraphs related to your desired keywords. All this is done quickly and easily is less than a few seconds.

You can select whether you want articles to be pulled from various Google services such as the Google search engine itself, Google DOCs, Google PDFs, Google Articles, Google Reviews, Google News, Google Scholar, and Google US Government.

The fact that Instant Article Wizard not only generates the articles for you but determines the type of topics related to your desired keyword along with their relational frequency allows you to piece together topics quickly and easily and to insert related keywords that help with LSI.

For example, if you want to create an article about Instant Article Wizard, you may find that the software pulls back details and topics in which the keyword Instant Article Wizard is included, such as article marketing, article generation software, etc.

You can then decide for the software to piece together the article paragraphs that it pulls back based on the relational topics in the following manner:

Paragraph 1: Article Marketing

Paragraph 2: Article Generation Software

Paragraph 3: Instant Article Wizard

Paragraph 4: Instant Article Wizard

Paragraph 5: Instant Article Wizard

Thus Instant Article Wizard practically generates the article for you. All you have to do is to rewrite the sentences to make them unique so that you can use them.

This is very easily done as Instant Article Wizard is integrated with The Best Spinner, allowing the software to quickly help you to identify words and phrases with available synonyms from the Best Spinner database, and to easily substitute those synonym-available words with other words or phrases.

An article can be created quickly and easily within minutes.

Although it integrates with The Best Spinner in a light manner by allowing you to quickly identify and replace synonyms easily, it doesn’t really allow the one-click instant spinning capability that allows you to make the whole article unique all at once.

You have to do it for each word or phrase individually, though this itself doesn’t take all that much time.

It’s something that’s a bit more difficult to describe in words, so to see a  video demonstration of Instant Article Wizard in action, click on the link below:

Instant Article Wizard Video


Other features of the software include:

  • Integration with Copyscape for checking of uniqueness
  • Integration with The Best Spinner for easy word replacement
  • Instant post your finished article to your WordPress site
  • Instant keyword suggestion, and research for hot trending keywords
  • Easy sentence order restructuring
  • Support of multiple languages such as English, French, German and Spanish


03. Instant Article Wizard Bonus

In addition to your purchase of Instant Article Wizard, you will be able to get an exclusive bonus expansion pack if you purchase from the bonus page.

This bonus pack includes items that will allow you to use Instant Article Wizard to a higher level of potential through various tools and resources for article marketing and creation.

Take note that this bonus is exclusively for people who purchase Instant Article Wizard from this site only. You can view the full details of the bonus package by clicking on the link below:

Instant Article Wizard Bonus (Exclusive Bonus Expansion Pack)


04. Installation and Usage

The installation of Instant Article Wizard is fairly straight forward. The software works on the PC, though you may be able to use it on the Mac if you have a software like Parallels.

After purchase all you have to do is to download the installation executable file from the given page. Once installation is done, simply enter your registration key that you were given and you are good to go.

The product updates automatically, allowing you to quickly take advantage of new features.


05. Product Pricing

This product was free for use during the period of 18th December 2010 to January 16th 2011, after which the product launched and became a paid product.

During the one week period between January 17th to January 23rd, 2011,  it was available for a heavily discounted price.

After that period, it started retailing at the normal price of $47 a year, which is very affordable considering the fact that that’s less than $4 a month. The purchase includes free updates for the software.


06. Benefits and Disadvantages

The benefits of the software are such that they allow you to create tons of unique articles quickly and easily. The quality of the articles are top-notch due to the level of control the software allows you to exercise over the article creation process.

If you combine the articles generated with The Best Spinner, you will be able to generate spun articles quickly and easily.

During the use of the software, I did not find any significant disadvantages. The only possible disadvantage compared to other article research software would be due to the yearly cost.

However, that in itself is quite inexpensive, and that cost allows for regular updating and upgrading of the software. The software automatically upgrades by itself, which is quite convenient, and it allows you to approach a keyword from a variety of angles.


07. Conclusion

Overall, I found this software to be very powerful and convenient to use. Jonathan has provided several methods for generating and modifying the articles based on your personal need and preference, which I find to be quite useful.

If you are the type of person who spends way to much time and effort on researching and putting together quality articles, then Instant Article Wizard is a tool that you should definitely have in your arsenal.

Combining it with The Best Spinner allows one to create thousands of unique article variations within minutes, which is something that the hardcore article marketer may find useful.

Even if you are already quite fast at it and prefer writing articles from scratch, this software can give a you a good overview of the topics related to your keyword as well as significantly cutting down the amount of research time you need to do.


Allen Walker