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The Magic Article Submitter, by Alexandr Krulik, is one of the most widely known and used article marketing and submissions software of the net.

However, in order to make full use of it, you will need to know how to use it well and to it’s fullest potential.

You will be able to do this with the Magic Article Submitter Diamond Edition…




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[DDET Link Building Essentials You MUST Know When Using Magic Submitter]

Having links that point to your site is a great way to optimize your site. Search engines rank sites high if they have a good number of quality inbound links. Back links are like pointers to your site and suggest to the user that your site has the thing that he is looking for. This is the reason why back links are used to optimize a site. By building quality back links we can increase our search engine rankings and get a lot of traffic to our sites. Many people use automated solutions such as submission software to do this, and Magic submitter is one of them.

Link Building is one of the most important activities carried over by Search Engine Optimizers. It is performed in order to get the site a higher rank on the search engines. The link building activity involves the process of creating inbound and outbound links. These links help in bringing good traffic to your sites. This increases the sites online visibility and also helps in increasing conversion rates.  This link building campaigns also help in getting a site indexed faster as the links are recognized by the search engine robots

Different strategies of search engine optimization help you increase the sales. Furthermore it helps in making the site more popular and increases the sales. In order to increase the visibility of the site, place the link in good sites. Our website becomes famous among the internet surfers once this is done. Besides this, it also increase the incoming traffic towards the site. Heavy traffic helps to increase the conversion rates because of which we can say that link building is really necessary.

Search Engine optimizers work hard and find out various techniques to get good rank for the website. Link building helps us in which we can improve visibility of the site. We can get good traffic from good sites, but we should make sure that our theme matches with the website on which we are inserting the link.

Organic link building and artificial link building are the two ways to build links to your website. The techniques involved in organic link building are creation of quality content, blog creation ad social bookmarking.Artificial link building involves directory submission, article submission, guest blogging and affiliate marketing..

Steps involved in getting started with link exchange.

Firstly you must prepare a anchor text from the list of your keyword.
Example: A Recruitment company can use “Recruitment services” as their anchor text.

Provide a suitable description.
Example: Quality SEO Company. Now you can increase traffic to your website with help of our link building services for just rupees $100.

You next step is to prepare a backlink URL, you can prepare it by embedding URL of your website and the anchor text united with html code.
Example: <a href=“”>Best jobs</a>

Your next step is to provide a backlink for your link partner.  In case of reciprocal / 3 way link exchange, You can give a backlink from your website or other website to your link partners website.

Your next step is preparing a link exchange letter and mailing the same to your link partner.

You should check the relevance and popularity of your link exchange partner’s website, before proceeding with other steps.[/DDET]