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The Best Spinner

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The Best Spinner is a great new software that you can use to produces tons of unique content for your internet marketing campaigns in the shortest amount of time. Basically it acts as an article rewriter and spinner, but the features it provides are way ahead of any other article spinner on the market at this point of the game… Read more about it below :)

Critical Updates

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~UPDATE #3: The Best Spinner has just launched and is now live!! So, that means you can no longer use it for free… :(

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~UPDATE #2: The Best Spinner is going to launch and become a paid product on February the 1st. If you are planning to try it out for free, get it soon while you can!

A little update about the price… It seems that there will be a 50% discount for people who get it during the first few days of launch, for a price of $47 a year. After that, it is going to go up to the normal price of $84 a year. Still, $7 a month is not a bad price I guess… :)

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~UPDATE #1: There are quite a large number of article spinners out there, but I'm playing with The Best Spinner right now. It seems to be really very powerful from my using it so far! :O

Well, anyways, it is completely free for use for the moment, so if you want to get yourself a copy and try it out, do it quickly now before it becomes a paid product soon!

You can read a detailed review on it by clicking the "More" button below, but in the mean time, you can add this bonus software to your arsenal by clicking the link below:

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The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner

Click above to watch a video of how The Best Spinner works and how powerful it can be…


Why you need article spinning… You probably already know about how important articles and content are to your online marketing. One of the most powerful, yet underused ways of gaining massive exposure through article marketing is by using spun articles.

Why is it so underused?

Well, that is because of the amount of time it can take just to churn out one spun article. There are ways to solve this problem, of course, such as by using article spinning software. However, this still takes a certain amount of time depending on how good you are at doing it…

The Best Spinner software offers to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to produce hundreds or even thousands of articles by providing several new features that are not currently being offered by any other article or content spinner right now as far as I know.


Features offered by The Best Spinner… In this section, I will be summarizing the main features offered by The Best Spinner, and some of the key factors that contribute to it's powerful article producing capabilities.


Article Spinner Layout


Best Content Spinner


The available functions of The Best Spinner are laid out at the top of the software as shown in the picture above. It has a very simple and clean look, so it's not that difficult for you to look around and get the hang of it.

However, don't be fooled by its simplicity as there are many powerful features contained within. We will look more into that in the sections below…

As with any other spinner tool, it has the basic features such as Open File, New File, Save, Save As, Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, etc. which I'm sure you will be able to identify from the image above.

It is also able to count the number of words in your article, as well as the current uniqueness of your spun article.

The Best Spinner – "Speed Factor"

As I mentioned before, this article spinning software offers some great features for increasing the speed at which you generate your spun sentences and articles. Firstly…


The Best Spinner Synonyms


If you look at the bottom left corner of the screen, as shown in the picture above, you will notice that there is an option for you to identify synonyms. You can choose all synonyms, good synonyms, or best synonyms.

What this does is it searches The Best Spinner database and identifies which words in your article already have synonyms stored for them.

The power of this software is that it gathers synonyms from all users, and thus the thesaurus database is being built up constantly with words from other internet marketers just like you!

Over time, the thesaurus will grow to gigantic proportions…

Of course, if this were simply the case, there would always be a danger that the thesaurus would be filled with random, unrelated words that certain users filled in… This is avoided by searching for good synonyms or best synonyms, so that you don't have to search through unrelated stuff.

Good synonyms and best synonyms are ranked based on how much a certain synonym is used. The more people use a particular synonym, the higher it is ranked as being a relevant word. So, you basically don't have to worry about the thesaurus being filled with irrelevant material…


Best Article Spinner Software


For this example, I have selected best synonyms. The Best Spinner then filters all the words or groups of words that have best synonyms, and changes the font of the words to a normal font…

Words that don't have best synonyms or don't have synonyms at all remain in italics. So, you immediately know where you can start on! It's really a time saver that way…


The Best Article Rewriter


After identifying the words that have synonyms, you can then press the tab button and it will scroll you through the words and open up a box for you to choose the synonyms you want. The combination of keyboard scrolling and mouse selection really makes it much more quick and efficient.

Oh, also note that there can sometimes be synonyms for groups of words, not just one word. For these, you will see them being underlined. You can have more than one level of spinning, so feel free to spin the group of words, as well as the individual words for more effect.


Best Spinner


If you are more of a mouse person, you can scroll through the spinnable words using the buttons on the lower right corner of the screen.


The Best Spinner – "Crash Factor"

Right now, the spinner is still in beta mode, so it does crash sometimes, though not very often. Fortunately, they autosave your article every once in a while, so if your content spinner crashes, you will see the screen below when you next open it up:


Content Rewriter


It saves your articles for good measure, and for protection against crashes, and other such occurrences. You can restore your article by pressing the Yes button.


The Best Spinner – "Favorite Factor"


The Best Article Generator


You can press the manage favorites button on the top of the screen, as shown above. The window that opens will be like this:


Spinner Content Rewriter


You will be able to save synonyms for words that you frequently use as favorites. This is another really powerful feature, as it enables you to replace all the stored favorites with your spun synonyms instantly! The more you have, the more powerful it becomes.


Best Rewriter


Oh, but what's even more than that, favorites are saved to the server, and you can replace your words with other people's favorites as well as your own! That means can just press The Best Spinner's Replace Everyone's Favorites button, and it will instantly replace words in your article!

I show you an example below…


Best Article Rewriter Software


SEO Article Rewriter


I just pressed the button, and it replaced four words for me. Well, you may be thinking that four words is not a lot, but bear in mind this is just one sentence. If this were a 500 word article, you can imagine how much time it would save you…


The Best Spinner – "Other Factor"

So, some other features include… Exporting articles to different formats.

Whether you are using My Article Network, SENuke, or Free Traffic System, The Best Spinner is able to export your spun article in a variety of formats to help you get the best of your time.

As shown in the image below, you can even add your own spinning formats if you are using other spinners…


The Best Article Changer



Best Article Spinners


Oh.. Another thing is, you can replace tokens by using the Token function too!


Article Spinner Download


~The Final Result~

So here's the final result of the little example I have set up! :D I clicked on the spun article tab, to see one variation of a spun article. With this tool, you can create thousands of them, and avoid any possible Google Duplicate Content penalty that may exist and produce articles that are very unique in a short amount of time for [DDET article marketing.] Looking at the successful run of online marketing the marketers are implementing various promotional strategies to fetch more customers and to increase the turnover. The marketers are opting for many different marketing campaigns prevailing on the internet but the most effective amongst all is article marketing. Not only social media marketing but also article marketing is considered as a good promotional campaign and supportive to fetch more profit. With this it can be said that having a combination of these two strategies can help you in having a good internet marketing campaign.

You cannot publish few numbers of articles and wait for the people to visit to your web page. Promotional skill and effective article execution is the key requirement of this process as writing article is not an easy task. You can receive good page rankings if you have you profile on the article directories which are used by all. In order to add value to your article, you should add links in the place where you need to mention author s information.

Another vital fact that requires attention at the time of article submission is summary. Try to include an eye-catchy summary which would enable you hold the interest of the readers till the end of article. Try to give a promotional title to the article written by you. You need to have an article that makes use of keywords along with being exciting. With this you add value to your articles. Due to the fact that you will be considered as an expert after a certain point of time and thus, it is required that you avoid any kind of mistakes.

Promoting your business with Yahoo and other social media and networking websites is also one good alternative available. All of these social media and marketing sites are very common among most of the users online and thus a good amount of traffic gets attracted here. Here you have a good opportunity for promoting your business. Make sure that your website is popular and used by many people which would ensure more incoming traffic to your site. With this having higher number of people visiting your website will be possible.

Just use these strategies and you will be able to earn advantage from it. Proper planning is essential factor on which you need to focus on. When you do not know what to do next you will not be able to do things adequately. As online market has great competition, it is necessary that you are well-versed about the latest advancements. Acquiring long term results are not too far with article and social media marketing. A perfect mixture of both of them will grab attention of web users worldwide. This would enable you to increase sales and earn higher returns.


The Best Article Spinner


So, as of the time of writing this review, these are some of the powerful features that are being held within The Best Spinner.

The software is being updated almost everyday right now with new functions, and I really do hope that Jonathan Leger continues to update it regularly even after it launches and becomes a paid product soon.

The only drawback that I didn't like about this software so far is that it seems to require an internet connection in order to get access to the huge thesaurus database. Well, I never tested it without my internet turned on, but even so I think that wouldn't be a problem for most people.

And I wish that it could change the spin format instantly in the article, without the need to export it, but maybe I should voice my concern in their forum. :) Oh, yes, and they do have a support forum


A Case Study in Spinning

Before we get to the good part, I thought that I would do a final case study in spinning using this new software and show you all the results. ;)   You will find that doing some spinning or article rewriting with The Best Spinner is not as much trouble as when you would to it manually. So, let's begin with the article below:


Before Spinning (Courtesy of Wikipedia):

The Spinners are a soul music vocal group, active under that name since 1961, and most popular with a long run of pop, hip hop, and R&B hits during the 1970s. The group, originating from Detroit, still tours regularly as of 2009. The band is also listed occasionally as The Motown Spinners, or (after they left the Motown label) as The Detroit Spinners. These were used in the UK to avoid confusion with a British group also called The Spinners.

One of their greatest hits in their discography was a collaboration with Dionne Warwick, "Then Came You",(led by Smith and Warwick), which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming each act's first chart-topping 'Pop' hit. The song also reached the Top 3 of Billboard's R&B and Easy Listening charts.

The Spinners would hit the Top 10 twice in the next two years with the Smith-led "They Just Can't Stop It the (Games People Play)" (Billboard #5), Love Don't Love Nobody, and the Wynne-led "The Rubberband Man" (Billboard #2). "Games People Play" featured guest vocalist Barbara Ingram (though producer Bell disputed this in a UK based interview, claiming Barbara's line was actually group member Henry Fambrough – his voice sped up) and would lead to a nickname of "12:45" for bass singer Jackson, after his signature vocal line on the song. Following their Atlantic successes, Motown also issued a "Best of the Spinners" LP which featured the best songs from their Motown/V.I.P. recordings

After Spinning (Quick 2nd Draft):

The Spinners are an American band that have been very popular since the early 60s, and have released a lot of popular songs and hits during their time. They started from the small city of Detroit, working their way up to getting regular concert tours even until today. They are often called other monikers in order to differentiate them from another band with the same name. Their collection of greatest hits includes some joint venture work with Dionne Warwick, Barbara Ingram, and several others. However, their work with Ingram was widely debated on by their producer as ont including her, but rather using accelerated voice patterns. You can find out about some of their greatest songs in their album labeled "Best of the Spinners".



Ok, so I didn't spend the longest amount of time doing that, but for something that could be done in a hurry, it's not too bad, right? ;) I touched it up a little bit too, to make it even more unique. So this is what you can do with the articles that you have about fishing, pokemon, or any other secret niche you may be involved in. :)



The Best Spinner Bonus

There's no way that this would be a complete review without a bonus, right? ;)

So, have a look at my bonus by clicking the link below. Umm… The bonus is for you if you decide to get The Best Spinner after it launches on February 1st and becomes a paid product.

It's really not that expensive from what I have heard, just $47 a year. The yearly fee is because of the server costs from having the large thesaurus database.

I'm not that sure, but I think this cost is only during the initial period of the launch, and it will go up in price after that. Anyways, bookmark this page and I'll keep you updated about it in the Critical Updates section… :)

=> The Best Spinner Bonus <=

This bonus will really assist you in your article marketing efforts, and help you to use the spun articles to the max effort, and get the most out of them for your profit!

A powerful complementary expander pack to The Best Spinner is just what you need to get a huge advantage over the other people using this software… :)



The Power of Spun Articles

Of course, if you are someone who heavily uses spun articles, or just wants to use them to the greatest effect, then I highly recommend you to check out the list of items below. These are ones I use myself to distribute my spun articles as quickly as can be, and I can definitely recommend them. :)


This software would work well with:



Well, hope you enjoyed this review. :) Any comments, feel free to leave in the comment area below.


Talk soon,

Allen Walker - Mysterious Internet Marketer


The Mysterious Marketer…


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Social Backlinking

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