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SEOLinkVine Review

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SEOLinkVine is a new software by Brad Callen for the purpose of helping you build your position in the search engines by using a unique link building strategy.

This strategy is based on the concept of article marketing with a twist and is based on proven methods for getting backlinks based on systems such as My Article Network (MAN) and Article Marketing Automation (AMA), only it is much more powerful. Read on below to understand why…



*Critical Updates*

This section lists the critical updates for this piece of software. Bookmark this page (Press CTRL + D) and keep checking back as we bring you the most important news…

Update #3: Lifetime memberships are over and SEOLinkVine closed for a while because too many people wanted in! However, it has now opened again. Who knows for how long… Go and get in before they close their membership again!

Update #2: FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP going out now!! Brad seems to be giving out some free memberships, and only for a limited time!! Go here right now to find out how you can win one! First come first serve!


Update #1: SEOLinkVine is launching on the 27th of April. Get ready!! :O



Who is Brad Callen?

Brad Callen is a well-known internet marketer, who is especially famous for designing revolutionary new software that has helped marketers to boost their online marketing efforts. One of these is SEOLinkVine, which you are reading about right here. Other software and products that he has produced include:

  • Keyword Elite 2.0 – A new market and keyword research software that he introduced recently, it has already been proven to be able to obtain a greater variety of related keywords than industry-leader Market Samurai. Overall, it is a very powerful keyword research tool, and has several advanced modules such as the JV Diamond Miner and Search Engine Dominator.
  • PPC Web Spy – A revolutionary free keyword research software that enables you to uncover anyone’s Google Adword Keywords in real time while you are browsing Google. Easily spy on the competitors data, and get in-depth analysis on your competitor’s keywords and websites. Includes a special viral ability to rank any of your affiliate links in the #1 and #2 spot in Google for anyone you refer this software to.


Is SEOLinkVine suitable for me?

Whether your are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced internet marketer, SEOLinkVine is a tool for helping you to achieve better rankings for your site in the search engines if you are someone who focuses on using SEO for driving targeted traffic.

This service helps you to gain backlinks from high PR blogs within the SEO LinkVine network. This is done by drip feeding your content to a network of blogs that have been added by users. The result is that you gain backlinks slowly, over time, for every day on autopilot.

This is great for people who need a constant source of automatic backlinks, along with an addition of link diversity to their link building campaigns.

For beginners, the service includes a free, comprehensive SEO Training Centre that consists of nearly a hundred detailed videos that guide you from the beginning to advanced concepts of SEO and website promotion. This includes videos by various experts on webinars, and would be well worth a few hundreds dollars for such a detailed course. More details on this below.

For My Article Network or Article Marketing Automation users, this is a much more powerful alternative to both of those networks, and might be something you would be interested in switching to.

However, more details on all of these aspects are given below in order to help you decide if this is a service you need to add to your internet marketing arsenal.



In this section, I will review the the basic functionality of SEOLinkVine, how it works, along with its features and benefits.

Basically, SEOLinkVine or SLV for short, is divided into two main areas. The Get Content area and the Get Backlinks area. Both of these two areas serve different purposes but they work together to provide you with a great service.

First, let’s talk about the Get Content area…


Get Content Section…

In this area, you will be able to add your blog to the system, where it will be able to receive free unique content on a daily basis. This area is free and you don’t have to do anything in exchange.

The reason why it is free is that the content will contain backlinks made by the writers of the articles, so that’s the only thing you have to bear in mind. In exchange for the backlinks, you will get free content for your site or autoblog.


Get Backlinks Section…

The Get Backlinks section is the place where you can submit your spun articles and gain backlinks as they are distributed to various blogs all throughout the network. Many of these blogs have a very high PR, so you can rest assured that they are powerful.

You will be able to add your articles, and the system will automatically spin them for you if they are spinnable, thus getting you backlinks from unique content.

In this section, you can add a project name and manage your articles based on project, as well as select several categories for distribution at once, compared to MAN and AMA where you can’t do this.

You can also choose the speed at which you get daily backlinks from the articles, ranging from 1 article submission to a maximum of 10 article submissions per day. You don’t want to go too fast or you might run into problems in the search engines, and you don’t want to go too slow either, so you can choose the maximum speed at which your articles are distributed.


SEO Training Center…

If you are someone who wants to get the power of SEO with this great service, but you are still fairly new to this field, a great additional bonus you can get from purchasing an SEOLinkVine subscription is access to a special SEO Training Centre that teaches you how you can dominate the search engines.

It is really a great bonus, and it is like you are getting a $300 SEO training course for free with your purchase of the membership.

The SEO Training Center contains about a hundred detailed videos showing you how you can get yourself started right from the beginning, towards more advanced items. So, if you are a beginner in SEO or building up a website, never fear as it provides you with tons of help.

The topics covered in the SEO Training Center include an introduction to SEO, search engine ranking factors, selecting your market, setting goals, keyword research, basic HTML, on page SEO, link building basics, link sources, link building advanced, competitive analysis, campaign tracking, building lasting websites, and more!

Another thing I should mention is, you will be able to get some special bonus webinar videos by experts such as Dan Thies, Jack Humphrey, and more! You would probably have to pay hundreds just to get this set itself… It is quite concise.


Who is this software for…


- internet marketers who use SEO for their campaigns

SEO is definitely a very powerful and free way of gaining massive traffic to your sites over time. However, it can be difficult, and just to stay competitive you will need to use various tools to assist you in your endeavours.

This tool is one of them, as it will help you save a lot of time in gaining backlinks to your site, while giving you a powerful hands-off solution.


- people who want to improve the rankings in the search engines

Using this software, you will definitely be able to improve your rankings in the search engines if used properly.

And this is done in more ways than one. Not only does it help you with the ranking, but it helps you to keep track of your rankings and modify your strategy accordingly. More details on this below…


- people who want to diversify their link building

Building backlinks is an essential part of SEO. Each backlinks is like a vote for your site, helping it to rank higher and higher in the search engines and getting you more and more traffic.

However, the concept of getting traffic is not as simple as it may seem. There are certain backlinks that are more valuable than others… Backlinks that are of high PR and carry a lot of link juice. But you should be aware that getting just one type of backlink will lead to failure.

You need to diversify your backlinking strategy with all types of links if you want to do well, and SEO Linkvine helps you to do this quickly and easily.


- people who want unique content to their site

There are two parts to SEOLinkVine. One part is about gaining backlinks to your site through a unique article marketing strategy. Another part allows you to add your site and gain unique content at the click of the button.

When other people add their articles to be distributed in order to gain backlinks, you can let those unique articles be added to your site and gain advantage of that free unique content that you don’t have to do anything to get.

This saves you both time and money in creating and outsourcing articles…


- people who do autoblogging

This unique content to your site is perfect for you if you follow an autoblogging strategy. Autoblogs are another great way to earn money, and using this tool, you will be able to get unique articles being added to your site everyday automatically.


- easy to use and intuitive interface

If you are the type of person who is worried about using complex tools, then that would not be a lot of a problem, as SEOLink Vine provides a smooth and easy interface, along with tutorials on how to get about using the software.

Not only does this make it simple to use, but it is nice to look at as well, with a sleek and elegant design.



What SEOLinkVine does…


- helps you to gain massive backlinks using your articles

Like I mentioned before, SEOLinkVine helps you to gain a massive number of backlinks on complete autopilot just by adding your articles to the system. Each article can have a maximum of 3 backlinks in them, but these articles are submitted hundreds of times, gaining you much more for your effort.

And this is done on complete autopilot for you, at random times throughout the day, each and every day. Hundreds and thousands of backlinks pointing to your site with almost no effort is what it boasts…


- difference between SEOlinkvine and article submission software

SEOLinkVine is not another desktop article submission software. The main difference is that it does not submit your articles to article directories. There are plenty of other tools out there that do that if you are willing to pay the price. :)

However, what it does is to submit your articles to thousands of different user submitted blogs. So…


- submit to user submitted blogs, unique IP

By submitting all these articles to user submitted blogs, you don’t have to worry about gaining links from the same sites over and over again. Normally, if you use article submission software, you would probably be submitting your articles for backlinks to directories like EzineArticles or Article Dashboard.

The disadvantage of this is that you keep getting links from the same sites, with the same IP address. SEOLinkvine helps to submit your links to different blogs all across the web, and so you will benefit from getting backlinks that come from different IP addresses all across the web.


- completely legit and white hat

This tool is completely legit and white hat, and so, you don’t have to worry about shady operations. It will by no mean cause your site to be penalized for using black hat methods, as it is not a black hat tool.


- more and more powerful over time as more sites added

However, the potential of this tool is not limited. Because people will be able to add their blogs to the network and gain unique content for themselves, more and more sites will be added to the system over time.

That means the potential spread of your articles will be limitless, as more and more people keep adding new sites to the system. You articles and backlinks will start showing up on new sites over time…


- improve your rankings in the search engines

Needless to say, by increasing the number of backlinks to your site, and good quality backlinks too from a number of different websites and IP addresses, you will improve your rankings in the search engines.

And this is not just a short term ranking increase…

- links built up daily over time

The links are built up for you everyday, on 100% autopilot. Once you have entered an article into the system, you will be able to gain backlinks from that articles everyday, for who knows how long…


- longterm backlink building

Thus, there will be the benefit of longterm backlink building. Your site will not just go up the search engines one day, to go down the next. It will be able to stay there quite firmly…


- unique content by using spinning syntax

Many people might have the question that, if you submit the same article to hundreds of sites, isn’t that having a duplicate content problem? The answer is no, because the type of articles you will be submitting are spun articles…

In case you don’t know what spun articles are, they are articles with replaceable words and synonyms that will be randomly generated and put together to form thousands of variations.

Thus, one article can yield hundreds, or even millions of unique variations. Using this ability, unique content is guaranteed.


- avoid duplicate content penalty

If you gain backlinks from duplicate content, you won’t be able to gain much power from those links. But, it is a good thing that the duplicate content penalty is avoided in such a way…


- supports outsourcing

If you want to save even more time, SEO Linkvine allows you the ability to create logins for your outsourcing employees, so that you can ask them to submit the articles for you. You don’t have to do it yourself…


Benefits of SEOLinkVine…

There are quite a lot of benefits that you will be able to get from this powerful service. As a recap of this review, these benefits include:

  • higher ranking in the search engines
  • stable backlinks built up daily and over time
  • longterm backlink building
  • unique content distribution
  • thousands of spun variations
  • diversify your backlinks
  • backlinks with unique IP, different sites
  • based on the backbone of traffic generation, article marketing


How much does it cost?

At the moment, SEOLinkVine comes at a monthly fee of $67 a month. The price is not too expensive, yet not really cheap either…


Comparison to MAN & AMA…

Currently, I am using My Article Network, or MAN for short, which is the same service as AMA. What it does is similar to what SEOLinkvine does, only I have found that SEOLinkvine is more powerful and efficient in a nmuber of ways. I will probably be cancelling my MAN account and migrating to SEOLinkVine once it launches.

PS. I have used this type of service before, so I know for a fact that what SEOLinkVine claims to do really works. And I do know the ins and outs of such a software as well… :D So…


- supports standard spinning syntax

Other article network systems are really annoying in that they don’t normally accept the standard syntax for spinning. By standard syntax, I mean the syntax used by most article spinners, which is something like this: {something | here}

MAN uses a syntax like this: {here ~ there} and it is very annoying that you have to change your standard syntax to fit what MAN is looking for…

But SEOLinkvine supports the standard syntax, so for that I am relieved… :D


- more easier and convenient use

It is a lot more easier and convenient to use, as mentioned above, and there is another reason why it makes life easier too…


- submits to multiple categories instead of just one

You have the ability to submit your articles to more categories than one, whereas for other systems like MAN, you would have to manually add your article one by one to seperate categories if you wanted to do so…

This was also another time consuming thing for me… Fortunately, it is now solved. :)


- more powerful

And so, by being able to submit to multiple categories, you will have your articles listed in even more sites than before, and gain even more backlinks than before as well.

Also, it uses quite a powerful network of blogs…



However, in spite of how powerful this software may be, there are some drawbacks that I have found which are really a bit difficult to get over if not done right…

- occasional slowing of server

Because of the power of this service, a lot of people are using it. However, due to the large amount of users, sometimes, though not often, the server can get so slow that it lags excessively when you try to navigate through the site.

This may be a bit annoying at times, but if you experience this, just come back later once the system has returned to normal. It is well worth the wait. ;)


- need to use spun articles

In order to create unique content and build backlinks for yourself, the SEOLinkVine article submission software operates on the premise that you use spun articles.

So, if you don’t know what spun articles are, that is not too much of a problem, as there are further instructions on how you can spin articles inside. But thei main problem may be the aspect of time..


- spinning articles can be time consuming

Spinning articles definitely takes a lot of time. Normally, you would need at least an hour to create a good one with adequite uniqueness. There are ways to reduce the time needed however, such as by using The Best Spinner. This would cut the time down to about 10 to 20 minutes for a spun article.

Or another way would be for you to outsource the work to someone, and have someone to do it for you. But this could need you to shell out a bit of money…


- creating articles takes time

Another disadvantage of spinning articles, is that you will need to take some time to create the articles in the first place. :S So, it is not just the spinning that you have to worry about, but the writing of the articles themselves as well.


- can use spun article service, leading articles

Services like The Leading Articles makes this type of thing a lot easier, and it is something that I use myself, as I don’t want to spend too much time writing and spinning my own spun articles. :)

This service is truly unique, actually the first in the market, and it gives you spinnable articles that can reach variations in the billions! :O Not just millions, and not just hundreds of thousands like standard spinnable articles… However, it comes with quite a hefty price tag. ;)

Though it is worth several times more than the amount it costs, and people who outsource their spinning on a regular basis would agree with me…


- problem solved in bonuses section

In order to help solve the problems and difficulties that may be encountered with this, I have provided a lot of great tools for you in the bonuses section if you purchase your copy of SEOLinkVine from there. :)

You will gain access to several items that will help you finish doing and putting together your articles almost instantly, or within a few minutes at least, and how to use your articles in the most effective way. Other techniques that you will be able to learn, include methods for writing nearly a hundred articles within as little time as three days, and much more!

As a special bonus, I have offered a special access pass to The Leading Articles service, if you do choose to outsource your articles, and other great tools, which I don’t want to mention because I will be mentioning them in the bonuses section.

So, go here right now and don’t get your copy of SEOLinkVine from anywhere else… :D

SEOLinkVine Bonus

Thanks for reading my SEOLinkVine scoop! ;)



Allen Walker - Mysterious Internet Marketer

The Mysterious Marketer


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