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IM Eye Bonus

This page is an IM Eye Bonus – Click below if you are looking for:



Hi gang! IM Eye is such a powerful software, and capable of helping you gain thousands of profitable keywords within a matter of minutes.

Therefore, just having a few simple bonuses is no where near enough! You will need as much resources as you can get in order to dominate all of those keywords in Google, and making the most money out of them. Look at what I have to offer below through the IM Eye Bonus Diamond Edition…

The IM Eye Bonus Diamond Edition consists of 7 modules, which I have prepared for you as described below:


Module 1: Adwords Domination
Bonus #1.1 – Commission Blueprint 1.0, Diamond Edition [Out of Stock]
Bonus #1.2 – The Mysterious PPC Box

Module 2: Search Engine Explosion

Bonus #2.1 – SEM Business Blueprint, Diamond Edition [Out of Stock]
Bonus #2.2 – Link Wheels Video [Out of Stock]
Bonus #2.3 – Page One with Web Video
Bonus #2.4 – The Mysterious Directory Tool
Bonus #2.5 – Backlink Rogue Agent

Module 3:  Elite Article Creation

Bonus #3.1 – 50 Clickbank Product Reviews
Bonus #3.2 – The Mysterious Article Marketing Box
Bonus #3.3 – The Mysterious PLR Article Collection
Bonus #3.4 – The Mysterious Article Tool
Bonus #3.5 – The Mysterious Spinner Tool
Bonus #3.6 – The Mysterious Duplicate Tool
Bonus #3.7 – The Leading Articles Special Access   

Module 4: Secrets of Monetization
Bonus #4.1 – The Mysterious Adsense Box
Bonus #4.2 – Proven Adsense Template
Bonus #4.3 – The Mysterious CPA Box

Module 5: Revenue Absorption
Bonus #5.1 – Mining Money Online [Out of Stock]
Bonus #5.2 – Buying and Selling Websites [Out of Stock]
Bonus #5.3 – The Mysterious Blogging Box

Module 6: Twitter Revolution
Bonus #6.1 – The Mysterious Twitter Box
Bonus #6.2 – Twitter Profits Interview [Out of Stock]
Bonus #6.3 – 20 Twitter Templates

Module 7: Productivity Evolution

Bonus #7.1 – The Mysterious Project Tool
Bonus #7.2 – Outsourcing Secrets Revealed
Bonus #7.3 – The Mysterious Productivity Box

*Sorry, there was a limit for some of the bonuses, and they are now out of stock. :( You are too late… But it's a good thing that you can get the other bonuses still though. :D



In order to fully utilize the profitable keywords that you get from IM Eye, you will need to be able to promote traffic to those keywords and convert that traffic into sales.

There are several ways to gain targeted traffic to your site, the main ones being PPC and SEO.

The first module will help you to reach your goals in the fastest way possible using PPC if you so desire. Gain thousands of visitors within days and propel your keyword and online business empire.

Let's begin…


IM Eye Bonus #1.1

Commission Blueprint 1.0, Diamond Edition


[SORRY!! Out of Stock]

The award-winning Commission Blueprint 1.0, by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, the makers of IM Eye as well as other high profile products that were featured even on Fox News!

If you've been the internet marketing field for a while, it is sure that you have heard of Commission Blueprint, and you will know that it one of the most famous IM resources on Google Adwords ever published.

If you get your IM Eye software today, you will be able to get this great package for free! :D


IM Eye Bonus #1.2

The Mysterious PPC Box


Do you need some guidance in the area of PPC?

Perhaps you are new to the idea and don't know where to start from or where to go with it…

The Mysterious PPC Box will get you up and running in no time with clear and concise items that have been included in the box. You will be able to turbocharge your success.




Of course, PPC is not for everyone. For those of you who favour something more search engine friendly and desire free traffic, then this assortment of items will be in your interest.

Yes, getting traffic to your site and keywords using SEO is free and convenient and will continue to bring you in sales for years to come, however it can be tedious to get started, especially if you are new.

Never fear, as there is now an assortment of amazing expansion pack items to help you.


IM Eye Bonus #2.1

SEM Business Blueprint, Diamond Edition


[SORRY!! Out of Stock]

Another great product from Steve and Tim! :)


IM Eye Bonus #2.2

Link Wheels Video

Link Wheels Video

[SORRY!! Out of Stock]

The phenomena of Link Wheels has started gaining momentum ever since last year. Since then, more and more people have been utilizing a link wheel strategy in order to boost their efforts in the search engines.

Do you want to know what Link Wheels are and how you can use them to your best benefit, along with other important information?

If you are serious about internet marketing, then you should at least know what link wheels are about… ;)


IM Eye Bonus #2.3

Page One with Web Video


Using websites or blogs is not the only way to rank in Google…

You may often see the occurrence of video sites ranking in the first page of Google. But few people pay it much attention…

Do you know that there are different types of videos, and they will suit you for different situations?

Or that you can rank easily even in extremely competitive keywords such as "web traffic" quickly and easily using video?

So, this 6 part course will teach you everything you need to know and how you can do it very easily. You DON'T have to be a video production expert, contrary to popular belief…


IM Eye Bonus #2.4

The Mysterious Directory Tool

The Mysterious Directory Tool

Directories are one of the best ways to gain high powered backlinks to your site and boost your rankings in the search engine.

However, there is a problem with this as it is very tedious and time consuming to do this process…

Why waste your money outsourcing though, when you can do it with this great  software tool. :) The Mysterious Directory Tool will bring your site up the ranks and help you save time while automating an important process…

It will help submit your site to important web directories!


IM Eye Bonus #2.5

Backlink Rogue Agent


Everyone has their own secrets…

So do the super affiliates…

This amazing course will bring you the secret backlinking strategies of the super affiliates while giving you the opportunity to do just as well as them. :D

More than 56 videos, 56 audio sessions, and much more… This course will simply blow you away, and your competition as well. ;)





But regardless of how great you are in ranking in the search engines, you still need some content to rank with. :(

Writing content can be very difficult and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be that way!

This module will turbocharge your article writing efforts so that you can easily create hundreds of unique articles within days…


IM Eye Bonus #3.1

50 Clickbank Product Review Articles

50 Clickbank Product Reviews

Let's start with product reviews. They are one of the most profitable types of article content as they are very targeted to buyer-specific keywords…

This box will give you articles on 50 of the most popular products on Click bank that you can rewrite and promote right away! This goes perfectly with the Clickbank Product keyword search function that IM Eye possesses.

You will be able to find the keywords that are being used to generate traffic towards different ClickBank products and take advantage of this knowledge by drilling deeper…


IM Eye Bonus #3.2

The Mysterious Article Marketing Box

The Mysterious Article Marketing Box

The Mysterious Article Marketing Box is like no other…

Do you want to be able to instantly conduct research for your articles and finish writing informative content within minutes?

No joke! This box has the resources which you need to do just that and even more!

What do you think of the prospect of writing a hundred articles within a few days with no extra sweat? Or how about using your articles directly as one extra revenue stream? ;)


IM Eye Bonus #3.3

The Mysterious PLR Article Collection

The Mysterious PLR Article Collection

Even more articles that you can use in your keyword dominating efforts…

This particular package contains thousands of articles in hundreds of different categories so you will have no trouble finding articles to rewrite and use immediately for the keywords which you would like to dominate! :D


IM Eye Bonus #3.4

The Mysterious Article Tool

The Mysterious Article Tool

Another great way to promote your articles and your site as well is to submit those articles to high profile article directories…

This tool will fully automate the process for you, submitting your articles to 8 of the top article directories on the web!

No point submitting the articles to no-rank directories… This tool will help you submit to some of the best. :D

On autopilot, mind you…


IM Eye Bonus #3.5

The Mysterious Spinner Tool

The Mysterious Spinner Tool

If you want to take a few articles and use them to make hundreds of unique articles quickly and easily, then this tool is just the thing for you~~

Sorry to say, it doesn't support spinning syntax, but you are someone who just wants to rewrite articles quickly and easily and get hundreds of them with less effort, then this is just for you!~

Use those unique articles to dominate the keywords you get from IMEye…


IM Eye Bonus #3.6

The Mysterious Duplicate Tool

The Mysterious Duplicate Tool

The Mysterious Duplicate Tool will help you to check whether you have made your article unique enough…

You can rank with duplicate content of course, but such content doesn't do as well in terms of backlinking juice and it is much more difficult as well…

Why not rank much more easily for your hundreds of unique articles? :D


IM Eye Bonus #3.7

The Leading Articles Special Access


Finally, perhaps writing articles is just not your thing…

After all, if you really loved writing, you would have gone and become a writer. ;)

With this Diamond Edition Expansion Pack, I would like to give you special access to an amazing article service that I myself use each and everyday in order to gain the best rankings in the search engines and generate tons of sales. :D

Do you want to get more than 1,000,000,000+ unique articles each and everyday? It's true! This service is amazing and I'm giving you special access!





Once you have covered the bases of creating content and promoting traffic to your sites via several means, you will need to monetize your content.

This module will give you several ways to monetize your content in the best way possible and in order to get most money possible. :D

With the power of IM Eye combined with our special items, you will be able to start earning in no time at all!


IM Eye Bonus #4.1

The Mysterious Adsense Box

The Mysterious Adsense Box

Do you want to learn the secrets of Adsense, as well as how to get started and keep going?

Improve your opportunities to do well and boost your Adsense efforts like never before…


IM Eye Bonus #4.2

Proven Adsense Template


One of the most important criteria of Adsense is to gain a high click through rate in order to earn money. Doing this requires a lot of testing and experimentation that can take you more time than you have…

This special Adsense template has been tested and proven to boost your clickthrough rate!

With your tons of unique content, promotional secrets, and IM Eye, this is all you need left to dominate the Adsense business model…


IM Eye Bonus #4.3

The Mysterious CPA Box

The Mysterious CPA Box

One of the most popular ways to gain money nowadays is through CPA. It's not uncommon to hear of people who earn $50,000 a day with CPA networks.

You can easily monetize those keywords through the use of CPA networks, and this special package will help you achieve that fast!



Module 5 - Revenue Absorption

Of course, promoting and publishing content is only one type of revenue model that you can take advantage of . There are many more, and the revenue absorption model is something that can help you achieve that if you are looking for it…


IM Eye Bonus #5.1

Mining Money Online


[SORRY!! Out of Stock]

Introducing another course by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey!

The Mining Money Online course will help you to do just that… mine money online!


IM Eye Bonus #5.2

Buying and Selling Websites


[SORRY!! Out of Stock]

One of the hottest markets of the 21st century… The buying and selling websites market.

As mentioned before in the review page, I demonstrated how yo can capitalize and bank heavy with the keywords you gain from IM Eye just by buying and selling domains…

Step it up a notch and buy and sell websites with lucrative keywords and niches, and you can easily start to earn thousands within days!


IM Eye Bonus #5.3

The Mysterious Blogging Box

The Mysterious Blogging Box

Blogging is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to earn money online.

Not only that, but the leverage you can gain with it is immense! Build up your reputation, name and status, and gain as many readers as you can…

Monetize it in a variety of different ways, and you will be set to go! It is quick and easy, and you can earn lots!




Needless to say, Twitter has become an indispensable marketing tool. You need it!

Even without a website, you can earn tons of money using Twitter. Also, Twitter pages rank easily in the search engines when given the right keywords…

Do you want to take advantage of the Twitter Revolution?


IM Eye Bonus #6.1

The Mysterious Twitter Box

The Mysterious Twitter Box

This Mysterious Twitter Box contains vital information that you can take advantage of and propel your marketing and income stream.

Learn everything you need to know about Twitter with a variety of different resources…

Basics, secrets, earning, and more…


IM Eye Bonus #6.2

Twitter Profits Interview

Twitter Profits Interview

[SORRY!! Out of Stock]

A private interview between Steve Clayton and Judah Thomas, talking about how he uses Twitter to gain the most leverage and income.

You will definitely learn something from this Twitter guru is the audio item…


IM Eye Bonus #6.3

20 Twitter Templates

20 Twitter Templates

First impressions are important…

That's why you want to have make sure visitors to your Twitter page get the best impressions…

You can do this with these 20 beautiful Twitter template! Make yourself shine and stand out from the crowd…




Lastly, the most important module in my opinion, is the Productivity Evolution module. All of the items above are nothing if you do nothing about it or if you don't use your time productively…

Learn how you can turbocharge your efforts!


IM Eye Bonus #7.1

The Mysterious Project Tool

The Mysterious Project Tool

This tool will help you to stay organized and arrange your project management in the best way possible…

Keep up to date with tasks, sort them by priority, and be aware of the start and end dates with ease…


IM Eye Bonus #7.2

Outsourcing Secrets Revealed

Outsourcing Secrets Revealed

I think that almost every guru will tell you that…

One of the key factors to success is outsourcing. Do what you like, and outsource what you don't like. :D

Also, you will get millions of profitable keywords with this tool. Do you think you can do it alone? Definitely not, there are only 24 hours in a day… If you want to dominate all those keywords, you will need help!


IM Eye Bonus #7.3

The Mysterious Productivity Box


This box will boost your productivity even further with some great items inside!! ;)



To claim your IM Eye Diamond Edition, all you have to do is purchase through the link below. :D It is the exact same price as the normal edition.


Allen Walker - Mysterious Internet Marketer



To Claim Your Bonuses Follow These Easy Steps:

STEP 1Clear your browser cookies and then purchase IM Eye from


STEP 2 – Send me your receipt, and the name and email you used when purchasing the item, by using the form below.

STEP 3 – Wait for my reply. I’ll get back to you ASAP with your bonuses! ;)

STEP 4 – If you don't get your bonus within a few days, please check your junk mail folder, as sometimes it gets blocked. :( If you don't find it there, then please contact me using the Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Sorry for any inconveniences!




Legal Notice:

1) My bonus offer above is NOT the responsibility of Clickbank or of the seller of the primary product.

2) Clickbank will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of my bonus package. My bonus package is not for sale, it is offered as is to people who purchase the primary product through my link.

3) If you have any issue regarding bonus delivery, bonus functionality or bonus quality use the Contact Form to contact me. :)


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