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IM Eye Review - Keyword & Market Research Software

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IM Eye is a revolutionary new keyword and market research software created by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey of Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint fame.

It boasts the ability to bring keywords to you, instead of you having to take hours and hours to brainstorm and find the right ones that can make you money.

This is exactly where it differs from other keyword research software, such as Market Samurai or Keyword Elite.

All the other software on the market is currently geared to helping you slowly dig deep in order to find good keywords if you are lucky. But IM Eye does the opposite, it bring the profitable and least competitive keywords to your fingertips.

However, is this boast really true, or is it just another barrel full of hot air waiting to explode into nothingness?

Steve and Tim have been kind enough to give me early access to their new gadget, and after testing this item out, the IM Eye review that continues on below will be the result of my findings.


First, let us begin with the features of this internet marketing tool and what it can do… CLICK below to watch an IM Eye video…


IMEye Video Presentation



Critical Updates

Update #3: They are giving away a FREE report right now!! Go and get your IM Eye Report right away!

Update #2: It seems that they are going to be introducing a hike in the price due to the power of this software on the 15th of April! Don't miss out on the starting cheap price, and lock it in for yourself. :)

Update #1: IM Eye will be launching on the 8th of April, so get ready and make sure you bookmark this page and keep checking back if you don't want to miss out on the opening promotional price! ;)



IM Eye Features

The Straight Road of Keyword Research

As mentioned before, IM Eye brings the keywords to you. This concept however, may be difficult to understand as it something unique that hasn’t been seen in the market before.


Most keyword research tools work in this way…

First, you have to provide the tool with a seed keyword, or beginning keyword to start your search. Let’s say that you were doing looking for dog training keywords, so you would start with the word “dog training”.

The tool then find as many keywords that are related to the word “dog training” as possible, and you wait for it to bring you the results.

Once this is done, you have to manually analyze and take a look at each and every keyword to assess it in terms of traffic. Once it passes your desired level of traffic, you then have to move onto competition, or maybe even CPC and other such criteria.

Thus, in a step by step manner, you have to slowly drill down into longer tail keywords, and find the ones that meet your criteria. You would hopefully find a keyword or two you could use. If there aren’t any, then you will have to start the process all over again beginning from the seed keyword.

In the past, doing keyword research was actually even more tedious then this. So, many people were happy with the arrival of revolutionary new tools such as Market Samurai. However, it seems that most keyword tools are built around more or less the same type of methodology in discovering good key phrases.


This is how IM Eye works… (P.S. I blurred out all the keywords. :P )

IM Eye Screenshot

In a nut shell, you don’t have to enter a seed key word when you start.

The methodology of IM Eye is the opposite of that followed by every other keyword tool on the market at the moment, which is something that would be considered risky as it seems to be reinventing the wheel, so to speak.

The software starts with an online database that collects and stores millions of keywords from different categories and niches. None of these keywords have 0 searches, so you can rest assured that they will all have at least an adequate amount of searches that you would normally desire.

New keywords are added at a rate of 25,000 a day, and the system updates regularly in order to ensure that the most searched for keywords are added to the database. This is something that a normal person would not be able to do alone, and so it has become fully automated…

Based on these keywords, you will be able to state exactly what you want as part of a set of criteria, and it will filter out for you all the keywords that meet that criteria and list them out for you instantly!

The reason why this new concept is so exciting is because all the searching for keywords has already been done for you. You just need to tell the software which type of keyword you want to have displayed.

The criteria that you will be able to filter the keywords by in IMEye include:

  • number of searches – You will be able to sort the keywords shown based on how many monthly searches the key word gets. Maybe you only want a keyword with a high level of traffic, like having a minimum of 30,000 a month. Just put it in, and the software will get such keywords for you. As mentioned before, the neat thing is that you will never find a keyword with 0 searches. The keywords will always have at least some searches. You can choose a maximum or minimum amount of traffic to filter the results by.

IM Eye Review - Sorting by Number of Searches


  • number of competing pages in Google – This is probably one of the most important things to consider. Oftentimes, you will find a keyword with a lot of traffic, but that key word just so happens to have too much competition in terms of competing pages. So, set the maximum and minimum number of competing pages you would like to see for a keyword, and enter it in. You will be able to get only keywords with little competition.


  • number of “intitle” competing pages – Of course, the number of competing pages in Google will only give you the quantity of the competition. That in itself is not enough to help you get up the ranks as quickly and easily as possible. IMEye has included the ability to sort by the quality of the competition, or the number of people who have optimized their web pages with the keywords in their title page. The less people that have this, the less competitive the front page of Google will be. If you combine this with the previous two criteria, you will be able to get keywords that have a high number of searches and very low competition instantly!


  • number of words in the keyword phrase – For people who enjoy targeting long tail keywords, there is also the ability to display keywords that only have a certain number of words. It is possible to set a minimum and maximum number for this as well. So, for example, I can request for keywords that have more than 3 words and less than 5 words in them, and get myself some long tails.

IM Eye - Review Top 10 Sites


  • 2 adwords bid estimates – The highest one, and a “cheapest click” one – the software doesn’t just give the average estimated cost per click, but it gives the upper limit and the cheapest cost that can be incurred. As you most probably know, it is possible to lower the price you are charged for an Adwords click by using various means such as making your page more related. Thus, relying on the average click would not be accurate. But the ability to look at the highest and lowest bids is definitely quite useful.


  • the top 10 sites in the Google search rankings – This is another filter setting that you can use to determine the amount of competition in for the keyword results you get. You will be able to see which keywords have Blogspot, Ezine Articles, YouTube, and other Web 2.0 sites ranking in the top 10. You can even see whether there are domains with the exact keyword in them in the top 10 of the search results.

 The IM Eye competing Sites

  • the clickbank products that have been promoted using a keyword – I found this to be a very useful feature. You can select the Clickbank product you want to analyze, and then IM Eye will bring back the keywords that are bringing traffic for that particular product! The reason why I think this is so useful is because most products will be getting traffic based on the keywords that their affiliates are targeting. As such, you could easily uncover a lot of related key words that you probably would not have thought about otherwise.


  • and others that I am too lazy to mention, such as which other affiliate offer categories have been promoted using a keyword, and more.

IM Eye Review - Clickbank Products




Benefits of IM Eye

Taking all the features of this gadget into account, it is possible to see a lot of benefits that could be obtained from taking advantage of it. The benefits mostly revolve around the saving of time and effort.

Normally, niche research and keyword research in themselves that a lot of time to get done, and this has proved to be a problem with many internet marketers.

In the old days, I guess you would have needed to go around to various sites in order to brainstorm for ideas on what niche you would want to enter. Sites like or eBay would probably be good places to start in looking for ideas…

Apart from doing keyword research for you, IM Eye also takes a lot of the work out of niche brainstorming. You will be able to find millions of niches and new markets based on the data that is all in the control panel of the research software.

Thus, from my perspective, it is not solely a keyword research tool, but also a market research and niche research tool in part.

It is really very helpful in saving a lot of time. Just list out the criteria you want, and keywords are instantly at your fingertips. You can then start promoting something based on those keywords right then and there.

More than that, the benefit of this is that you will be able to save yourself a lot of effort. People often spend hours trying to find just one or two profitable keywords that have a lot of traffic but a little competition.

It is also very useful in that you can adapt it for good use in a variety of business models, regardless of whether you are doing drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, Adsense-empire building, or even PPC.

The power of this software I think depends a lot also on your own ingenuity. There are a lot of ways you could use it to your advantage, and here are some below:




Uses of IM Eye


Finding Related Keywords. By looking at the keywords that are used to bring traffic to Clickbank products, one can very easily see related keywords in that area, and this makes for a very good resource.

You will be able to target the market in a different way than you would probably have thought of without it.

For example, you might probably be targeting an aloe vera product. So, chances are that you are targeting strongly on keywords that are related to aloe vera. However, there are blind spots that you might have overlooked.

For example, you look through IM Eye and you might find that there is an aloe vera product on clickbank, and people are reaching that product through keywords that is related to relief of bee stings. You might never have thought of using such a keyword as a base before, and so you instantly found another angle.


Building an Adsense empire. This would be a very obvious use of the software, but still a very powerful one nonetheless.

If you are a person who is focused on an Adsense-type business model, then you will be able to find thousands of great keywords with high CPC instantly.

All you would need to do, would be to filter the result based on the estimated bids. You want keywords that require a high minimum cost per click. And you would filter them to have high amount of monthly traffic, low amount of competing pages, and a low amount of competing pages with intitle keywords.

Thus, you have found thousands of profitable keywords that you can easily rank for and will give you a lot of money with every click.

You can also use it for affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, PPC, and so much more…


Buying and Selling Domains. Perhaps you are a domainer, and you make a living by buying and selling domains.

How easy would it be to take profitable keywords that are being listed and buy available domains with the exact phrase keyword in them, and then reselling them for a quick profit. J

An easy way to earn from keywords, and all of those keywords are right in front of you!

Actually, how you use it all depends on you. The result is very flexible.

There are still many more ways that you can take full advantage of this software, and it is all limited to your imagination…




The design of the software is such that it is a web-based one. That means you don’t have to download and install any software executable file. You can access it online anytime and anywhere.

The interface is designed to be very simple, based on a color scheme of green and orange, and it looks somewhat like a folder. Overall, I think it is quite neat, tidy and not too bad on the eyes.

You can freely extend or contract the sizes of the column in order to fit your needs, and you can add and remove categories freely as well.

Results may be sorted in ascending and descending order, and it is possible to open separate tabs for different groups of keywords. There is also the option of creating new projects and sorting your results based on those.

The organization of it is not bad, as it lets you keep the interface clean and tidy through various arrangements. It seems to display about 11 to 12 results per page, and you can navigate through the results using the numberings below.

And one very nice feature is ability to save your favorite keyword phrases into a favorite section.




Problems with IM Eye

Overall, I think that the software is very amazing in what it does, bringing keyword research into a whole new direction. Definitely a good tool to add to your arsenal. However, I still have various things about it that bother me slightly…

The first thing is the color scheme. Personally, I don’t really like the orange and green background for some reason. Well, this may be personal preference, but it would be nice if they allowed the option to change the colors to your liking. :D A lighter hue would make it look nicer in my opinion, but that may just be me.

Though, I am sure that is not happening. LOL. It is just a petty thought on my part…

The next bother might be that you need to install Adobe Flash in order to use this software. Well, it might not be so much a bother for me though…

But, I think that a lot of people are planning on getting the new iPad that is coming out, so they will definitely be having problems with this. ;) You can’t view Flash on the iPad, so…

The interface of the software is generally intuitive enough, but it might be helpful if they included a brief description of each category or column if you moused over the title.

Another thing that might be a concern is the database of keywords, meaning that other people will be able to access the keywords as well. However, with the daily update of tons of new keywords and more being added continually, it would be impossible to use up even half of them.



IM Eye Case Study

IM Eye Case Study: VS Market Samurai

Case Study #1: Time Management. In this first case study, I tested and compared how well IM Eye did against Market Samurai in terms of finding a profitable and easily accessible keyword.


First, I used IMEye in order to search for a few good keywords that I would like to target for a particular niche.

I found a lot of great keywords almost instantly, and took a few minutes to select the ones that would be most useful to me.

The criteria I used for this was based on having a monthly search amount of 300 (I am not greedy…), competing pages of 30,000, and an intitle competing pages amount of 5000.

Time Taken: 4 minutes


Next, I turned on Market Samurai and begun searching for some more keywords in a related area.

The criteria I used was the same as the amounts given above.

Ok. Well, to be honest with you, I didn’t continue with it, and I stopped after 7 minutes had passed in my research endeavours. The reason being because I was lazy and didn’t want to waste my time, and once it took more than 5 minutes, I felt that there was no reason to continue doing it that way. J

If you were waiting for my results, sorry for the laziness… ;)

Time Taken: More than 7 minutes, but inconclusive


So, after really testing it out, it seems that IM Eye is a lot more convenient than I thought. Not saying that you should throw your copy of Market Samurai out right now, but I think that they might be even more powerful if used together.

After findings some good keywords in IM Eye, you could drill down even deeper in Market Samurai based on those keywords. This itself would save you a lot of time in using Market Samurai, if you did so need to.

But just using the keywords in IM Eye by themselves would be perfectly fine as well, so there is not really the need for it, it seems. It does make you lazy though… :P I guess this is what they meant by saying you would never do keyword research the same way again…




It seems that updates are going to be added to software, one of them being the ability to see if domains are available based on your target keywords.

These may not necessarily be domains that are new, but available domains that are already ranking in the search engines. ;) Well, it is still not confirmed yet, so please bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates!





IM Eye Bonus

Hey, wait! Before you even plan to get yourself a copy of IM Eye, make sure you check out my bonus page and see all the great bonuses that I am offering to you if you buy from this page. ;)

IM Eye is really a great tool, but in the end, a tool is a tool.

If you don’t have a solid plan or system to go with it, chances are you will hardly know how to use it.

Thus, I am offering you some great bonuses that will definitely boost your progress in using this tool, and enable you to maximize your profit with it! :D

Even if you do have a solid system already, how would you like to streamline that system with thousands of dollars in software, courses, and items for free with your purchase of IM Eye?

Check out the bonus page right now!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to go through this IM Eye Review. I hope you found it informative, and the bonuses were good enough to help you sky rocket your internet marketing efforts!


Talk soon,

Allen Walker - Mysterious Internet Marketer

The Mysterious Marketer


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