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It is not the creating of content. Before he can do any of these things, he has to do something that takes up even more time: research. It isn’t easy to make money online today, whether you are an affiliate marketer or releasing your own products. This information does not come to you by itself; it takes research to figure it all out.

A lot of research is concerned with keywords: which keywords are most searched for, which are most competitive, how much it will cost to advertise with certain keywords and which key words you can still register a domain with. That’s a lot! With KeywordSpy, you can do many of these things in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take you.

You can keep an eye, or track, the marketing maneuvers of your competitors. This is nifty, as you’re doing all your keyword researching, the software will find your competitors for those phrases, and then it’ll see who’s doing well with them. Then of course you can see what their up to with any new releases, products, new content, etc. It can prove to be an excellent learning strategy for you as you’ll be able to easily model your own business from theirs. KeywordSpy software gives you the power and ability to know and observe others who are also working with the same keywords.

One never-ending challenge for online marketers is finding and choosing the most profitable keywords. The deal is that not all keywords are created equal. Ok, your research should ideally find those expressions surfers are using in the search engines, and they need to be capable of generating at least good profits. KeywordSpy can help you in that regard. This software will research and find those keywords that are currently producing the most revenue. It could take you weeks to track down that kind of information on your own.

In some ways this software can be a great thesaurus. It’s easy to get bogged down when you are trying to decide which keywords to target. When you input the keywords you like into KeywordSpy, it will bring up a list of hundreds of other popular keywords that are related to the words you have chosen. This process is a lot more efficient than the free web based tools that most marketers spend hours per day using. While keyword research is boring and time consuming, it is such an important part of marketing that everyone must do it. If you hope to build a successful online marketing business, you will need to choose the proper keywords. Unfortunately, this research is not easy-unless you use something like KeywordSpy to help you. While we were testing the software, we estimated that we were able to accomplish a couple of months worth of research in the few hours that we were working. This ought to enable you to maximize your time spent on marketing endeavors too, since it worked well for us as we tested it out.