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The most highly successful online marketers had several secret weapons, email marketing was one of them. The standard method for building a list, at least for many, is to just put a form or some optin widget on their site. Some gather e-mail addresses by using a landing page to entice the reader into asking to learn more. Develop a mailing list for email marketing can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One of the most successful ways to build your subscriber list is to install a pop up script that asks people to enter their information before they leave a site. There is one kind of script, very unique, that is offered by Exit Splash.

You really need to be very careful with putting a form on your site, it can get lost sort of. Site visitors can be hard to gauge, but often times they seem to just gloss over an optin form without even looking at the offer. Using an opt in form can be a great way of asking for permission, but the fact is that it is a very passive way to collect e-mail addresses and build your list. If you want to have greater success and be more effective, then using an exit popup is the way to go with this. One of the main features of Exit Splash is this script. Some people are intimidated by 'scripts,' but that isn't a concern with Exit Splash. There are templates that can be used very easily and quickly, so it just makes it all a lot easier. Simply put your message into one of the ready made templates and then install the script on to an existing website. The script does the rest and you've just given your visitor another opportunity to buy from you or to give you their information and subscribe to your list.

Naturally, you run the risk of irritating some readers. It's natural that some will react negatively or if they are taken to another site. So whether or not that is something you can accept is up to you. If you are trying to sell a product to a market that is not used to such aggressive sales tactics, you could end up alienating more people than you charm. You may want to proceed with caution about it.

There are major benefits and drawbacks to installing Exit Splash. If you aren't sure whether or not you should invest in this product it is time to do some research. What are your market demographics? Do they want what you're selling? Will they be open to cross promotional marketing? What your research reveals will help you make a purchase decision about Exit Splash.