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The Web Traffic Genius Software

This page is a Web Traffic Genius Review – Click below if you are looking for:

Hi all! :D

I have just recently gotten myself a copy of the Web Traffic Genius software, and will be giving a review on it right here.

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I must say, this software really uses a very unique approach for building backlinks to your site on autopilot…

Well, did it work for me as advertised? If you want to find out then continue on below! ;)

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Critical Updates

Update #3: Web Traffic Genius has just had a load of updates! Check it out here:

Web Traffic Genius Upgrade

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Update #1: Web Traffic Genius is very powerful as it is right now, but it is going to undergo major updates and additions to make it even more powerful in the coming months! Make sure you purchase it now so that you can get those updates for free before the price goes up!

Click the link below to purchase and now:

Web Traffic Genius

More details on  the coming updates are at the bottom of this article… :)


The Web Traffic Genius Software

Web Traffic Genius is a special software that can:

- put your website backlinking on 100% autopilot.
– give you hundreds and hundreds of backlinks instantly.
– bring you tons of backlinks from high PR sites with ease.
– help you to gain more ground and higher ranking in the search engines.
– give your website that competitive edge over the competition with a very unique backlinking strategy.


Recently, I’ve gotten myself a copy of the Web Traffic Genius software and have been playing with it. :)

Web Traffic Genius is an amazing software developed by Tim and Anthony Buchalka, the Marketing Assassins.

The main thing that attracted me to this software is the ability for it to help me gain hundreds of backlinks from high PR sites on complete autopilot and the unique backlinking strategy that it uses.

Once you hear about how it works, I am sure you will agree with me that it is a really amazing software… Click below to watch a short video on how the software can help you gain an sharp advantage in terms of backlinks:


Web Traffic Genius Video


Who are Tim and Anthony Buchalka?

Tim Buchalka is a geek internet marketer and programmer, while his brother Anthony Buchalka is a rockstar turned internet marketer. Together, they form the famous duo, the Marketing Assassins.

Having been through a lot of their information products before, I can say that they really know their stuff, and really strive to stay on top of the internet marketing world. They are well versed in a number of fields in the internet marketing arena, including Twitter marketing, SEO, video marketing, and much more.

Their products include:

  • The New Web Traffic & Marketing Blueprint v2.0 – A very in-depth course covering the most prominent areas of internet marketing, such as SEO, CPA, Web Traffic, Monetization, Domaining, and much more. The course covers a lot of great techniques, and brings you from start to finish, regardless of if you are a beginner or an advanced internet marketer. It also includes some great software, specially designed by Tim, to help you with your marketing endeavors.
  • The Video Marketing Secrets Course – One of their FREE courses, this course covers a lot of details about the basics to more advanced techniques of video marketing, including the different types of videos, how you can instantly make professional videos even if you are not a pro, and how to dominate even the most competitive keywords, such as weight loss, by using these video secrets.


How can Web Traffic Genius help you?

The system that Web Traffic Genius uses is based on the  distribution of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to RSS aggregator sites.

By distributing your RSS feed to the various RSS sites on the web, you can easily get hundreds of backlinks to your site. However, there  are several problems with this that would make it an unviable option, if you wanted to build links to your site without using this software. Here are the problems that Web Traffic Genius helps you to solve:

Problem 1. Each blog only has one RSS feed.

Answer: Because each blog only has one RSS feed, it would only be possible to submit your blog RSS feed to the RSS aggregator sites just once. This severely limits the viability of this method of link building.

So, you can use an RSS Submission software to submit your blog’s RSS feed to hundreds of sites, and gain yourself hundreds of backlinks in exchange. However, you can only do this once, and after that, you have exhausted this stream of backlinks.

The Web Traffic Genius RSS Software solves this problem by creating an RSS feed for each of the posts on your site, and submitting each of those RSS feeds to the aggregation sites. This is all done automatically for you, on 100% autopilot.

So, for each post your publish on your blog, this software will immediately create an RSS feed for the post and submit it to  RSS sites, giving you a massive initial boost in high PR backlinks to your site. Not only for newly published posts, but it is able to do this for previously created posts on your blog as well. :)

Problem 2. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS directories takes time, and can often be time consuming. Software for doing this can often be unreliable.

Answer: As mentioned before, Web Traffic Genius does all of this for you, and not only that, at the end it will compile reports for you so that you can see which sites your RSS feeds were submitted to, and whether they got through successfully or not. You don’t have to worry about the software not working without you knowing because everything that happens will be put in a log.

The software submits your RSS feeds to the directories under your own username, so will initially have to create some accounts at the sites. But, the good news is that not all RSS directories need accounts for submission, so you only need to create an account at a few sites and input your usernames and passwords into the control panel.

This RSS software also allows you to add multiple accounts for each site, and it submits the created RSS feeds randomly to these accounts. This helps to spread your submissions across different accounts and reduce any chances of your accounts getting banned or deleted.

Problem 3. Only blogs have RSS feeds, most websites don’t have it.

Answer: Many people don’t have WordPress blogs, or any type of blog for that matter. So they don’t even have RSS feeds. This is not a problem, as this software comes with a special bonus that allows you to create RSS feeds for websites, and submit them as well. This RSS feed creator would normally be charged extra, but you will be able to get it for free if you get the Web Traffic Genius.

So, whether you have a blog or a website, RSS Traffic Genius will be able to work well for your backlinking efforts.



Web Traffic Genius RSS Software: What’s Inside?


The Web Traffic Genius Software

#1. Web Traffic Genius. The main item that is available in this package is the unlimited version of the Web Traffic Genius software. Not only do you get the unlimited version, which you can upload on any number of sites, but you will also be able to get both professional editions.

The first professional edition is a WordPress plugin which you can use on your WordPress Blogs. The second professional edition is a standalone edition which you can use for any of your basic websites, even if you don’t have a blog.

Everytime you make a new post or page on your website or blog, the Web Traffic Genius will build powerful backlinks to those pages or posts, along with backlinks to other links that you have specified as well.



#2. The RSS Feed Creator. This bonus item which is being included in the package is able to create RSS Feeds for any of the pages on your website. Even if you don’t have RSS technology installed on your site, this software is able to produce RSS Feeds regardless.

It will save you tons of time, and the good thing is that you can create feeds for new items, or have the software search for links relating to your new items and add them to RSS feeds too.


Search Position Detective - Web Traffic Genius Bonus

#3. The Search Position Detective. This additional bonus is great in helping you track down the positions of all your websites in the search engines from one control panel. It does this all based on your desired keywords, so you will  be able to keep track of your progress.

Not only is it able to do this for your blogs or websites, but you will also be able to find the positions of your Web 2.0 properties as well! The positions of your sites and properties over time are recorded, so that you can see the history of whether you are making any progress in your SEO ventures or not.

Adding your own links

Apart from being able to automatically create RSS feeds for each post you create on your blog, you will be able to add your own links into the RSS feeds you create. This means that each time you make a new post, the software will create an RSS feed with links to your newly created posts, and any other links that you specify and would like to include in this neat plugin.

You will be able to specify how many extra links you want to add to your newly created feeds, along with title and descriptions for the links, and also the approximate number of links you want to add. Maybe you would choose a range between 5 and 10. So, everytime a new RSS feed is created, a random number of other links, between 5 to 10, will also be added to that feed along with the link to your newly created post.

This will benefit you in two ways. Firstly, you will be able to gain hundreds of backlinks to any links you want instantly with each new post you make, and improve your google ranking for a number of different web pages at a time. Secondly, this will help your RSS submissions to safely get into RSS directories, as many directories or aggregator sites have will only accept feeds with a certain number of items in them (normally 5 or more).



Link Diversity

The improvement you will see by getting instant automated high-quality backlinks is a good advantage, but that in itself also adds another advantage. Because you are gaining links in a very unique way, it will add to the link diversity of your already existing link building strategy.

Link diversity is very important for improving your search engine rankings, and it is often the reason why many people fail to obtain good rankings. Just having a large number of backlinks is not enough. The diversity of your backlinks is also equally important, meaning that you should have links coming from all different types of sites.

By doing this, not only will you be able to get better rankings, but you will also be able to gradually gain massive increases in targeted web traffic over time because of the increased amount of exposure you get from other sites.

Increasing exposure is always a good thing in improving your chances for getting targeted traffic as it ensures that you are not solely relying on search engine traffic.



Negative Aspects

In spite of it’s power, there are some negative aspects that I found with the Web Traffic Genius script that you may find annoying. They aren’t extremely big problems, but rather ones that just pop up occasionally.

The first negative aspect for me while using this software was that, as it is an RSS feed creator, it will take a little time to create the RSS feeds for each of your pages.

This means, each time you make a blog post and press the publish button, you may have to wait for around thirty seconds to two minutes before it is fully published because the software needs time to create the feeds and distribute them to RSS directories.

This isn’t really a big problem for me, and I don’t mind waiting. :) After all, it’s gaining hundreds of backlinks for you on autopilot so you have nothing to complain about. But just to let you know this is one of the things I found while using the software.

Another thing is that sometimes, some sites can fail. This is actually not the fault of the software at all, but sometimes just that the RSS directories are a bit overloaded and may slow down submissions and cause the submission to that directory to fail from time to time.

This is perfectly ok, as there are tons of other sites that are doing well and being submitted to successfully. It’s not really worth a lot of the trouble to worry about one or two site failing from time to time. ;)



Unlimited License

Previously, the Web Traffic Genius Pro RSS software was called RSS Power Plus Pro, and it was limited in license so that you could only install it on 5 sites at a time. However, after the software upgrade, this plugin is now being offered with unlimited license, meaning that you can install it on as many sites as you want!

You will be able to take advantage of the power of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) with ease now.


Unadvertised Bonus


Along with all the other bonuses provided in the software as mentioned in the above part of this review, there was actually another very useful unadvertised bonus in the package.

This unadvertised bonus was a course in improving your video marketing efforts, and how you can use video to break through even very competitive niches and get thousands of views and visitors every month.

The course is quite interesting and it shows Tim as he goes through the steps he uses to set up a video campaign for achieving top results and driving traffic. The information was very useful, and will definitely be a helpful addition to one’s marketing campaigns.



Free Future Updates

This software is going to have some great new updates coming up very very soon, and there may be a price rise when it comes out. However, if you purchase it right now, you will be able to get future updates for free!

So, it’s better to purchase it now if you are interested rather than waiting for later and having to pay a more expensive price for it.

Here are some of the announced upcoming updates that are going to be rolled out soon:

1.  About twice as many new RSS aggregators will be added to the software. This means that you will be able to get twice as many backlinks to your links as you would have otherwise. If you can get 200+ with the current version, you will be able to get 400+ with the coming update.

2. Implementation of many SEO functionalities in order to further improve your rankings in the search engi

3. The ability to add spinning so that you can make your RSS feeds even more unique with each submission!

4.  Easily export the RSS feeds you created so that you can feed them into other RSS Submission software if you want to, or for submission to other special sites that you might have.

5.  The ability to import a new RSS feed, and take all of the links out from it for use in the Web Traffic Genius RSS Software.

6.  Importing and exporting of the RSS extra feed as well.

7.  Choosing of each category for the RSS Aggregator sites so that you can get more leverage and targeted traffic with each new submission.

8.  The ability to solve captchas using online captcha solving service or manually so that you can submit to all of the major RSS aggregator sites on the web with true autopilot capability.

This will definitely EXPLODE your search engine rankings.

9.  Support for all major “auto blog” plugins including the ability to schedule processing of both new and existing posts in blogs.

10.  You will be able to specify a summary of the full posts in the RSS feeds to help you with having unique content in the feeds.

11.  Much greatly improved information on the screen for you to make it much easier to use.

12.  Brand new videos and improved installation procedures for you to install on your blogs.


So if you want in on these great new features when they come out and before the price might go up, click on the link below and get your copy today. :)

Click here and get this amazing software right now!! =>> Web Traffic Genius

Click here to get your EXCLUSIVE Web Traffic Genius Coupon Code, Discount, and Expansion Pack Bonus!!


Talk soon,

Allen Walker - Mysterious Internet Marketer

The Mysterious Marketer…


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