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WP Easy Content Bonus

This page is a WP Easy Content Bonus – Click below if you are looking for:

*Note: This plug-in is currently a closed door product, and the only way to get it is by clicking on my private access link above. Furthermore, if you get it through the link above, you will be entitled to a special discount exclusive to my subscribers.




If you're looking at this page, you're probably interested in purchasing WP Easy Content in order to help you produce content for your website at neck-breaking speeds and to usher out your new digital empire.

WP Easy Content is currently a closed door product, and you will only be able to get it through this page for the present moment…

Also, purchasing from my exclusive backdoor link entitles you to get an Allen Walker subscriber-only discount!

However, I'm guessing you won't be satisfied if you don't get a bonus with your purchase. ;)

On this page, you will be able to get a special WP Easy Content bonus which comes free with your purchase as long as you purchase through this site. Just go through the instructions at the bottom of the page, and sent in your request for your bonus once you have done so.


WP Easy Content Bonuses


The Mysterious PLR Article Collection >> PLR Collection

WP Easy Content primarily helps you to build your niche empire with content drawn from the article directories. However, there are some disadvantages to this. One of them is the set limit, because if you get too many articles from the article directories all at once, you might get your IP address blocked.

Also, the use of those articles requires a link-back through the resource box. The solution to this is to use PLR articles. The Mysterious PLR Collection contains thousands of PLR articles in hundreds of niches, ready for you to use and develop your site using WP Easy Content…



50 Clickbank Product Reviews >> Clickbank Articles

Other than the normal PLR articles that you can use for a variety of niches, we are also putting in a collection of Clickbank Product Review articles. This collection contains 50 Clickbank product reviews for some of the top hottest products on Clickbank. Target those profitable products and start earning from your site.

Adding product review articles to your site is one of the easiest ways to get targeted traffic who are interested in buying what you have to offer. The use of your own PLR product review articles also means that you have the chance to insert your affiliate link directly…



Backlink Rogue Agent >> Backlink Rogue Agent

Being able to quickly and easily produce your own content is only one side of the SEO equation. The other side of the equation is ranking your site high in the search engine ranks  in order to get visitors to come to your site. So, how would you venture to do that?

As Oz would say, the simplest solution would be to build backlinks. There is no easier answer, and I'm sure that it's a no-brainer that everyone would agree with. You want your site and content to rank high in Google, you send backlinks to the content. Backlink Rogue Agent is a $197 course that contains over 50 audios, videos, PDFs and more revealing to your the backlinking secrets of the super affiliates… Use this knowledge to build backlinks to your site and rank highly in Google!



>> Web Traffic Explosion

And perhaps you would need even more traffic to your site. You can do that well with this Web Traffic Explosion package. Traffic is the lifeblood of the business. You got the content, you got it easy, but you just need a little bit more traffic. This should do the trick…




Well, just in case, you'll also be getting…


20 Twitter Templates                (Worth: $97)
50 Product Review Articles for Clickbank    (Worth: $167)
How to Get the Guts to Talk to Anyone        (Worth: $47)
How to Sell Anything to Anyone            (Worth: $47)
Internet Business Basics            (Worth: $197)
*Mechanical Web Traffic                (Worth: $97)
*Millionaire Profits System            (Worth: $197)
Online Marketing                (Worth: $97)
*Outsourcing Secrets Revealed            (Worth: $67)
Internet Empire                    (Worth: $47)
The Mysterious Adsense Box            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Article Tool            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Blogging Box            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious CPA Box                (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Duplicate Tool            (Worth: $67)
*The Mysterious Master Collection Box        (Worth: $300)
The Mysterious PLR Article Collection        (Worth: $1970)
*The Mysterious Project Tool            (Worth: $67)
The Mysterious Social Media Box            (Worth: $197)
The Mysterious Spinner Tool            (Worth: $67)
The Mysterious Twitter Box            (Worth: $97)
The Mysterious Video Marketing Box        (Worth: $97)
Turbo Traffic Generation & Maintenance        (Worth: $47)
Web Traffic Explosion                (Worth: $47)
and much more….


To Claim Your Bonuses Follow These Easy Steps:

STEP 1Clear your browser cookies, and purchase WP Easy Content from


*Note: This is currently a closed door product, and you can only get it by purchasing from my personal exclusive link above at the moment. You have every benefit in purchasing it from the above like as you will be getting a exclusive discount price specially for my subscribers.

STEP 2 – Once you have purchased the product, forward me your receipt, along with the name and email you used when purchasing the item, to the following email address:


*Replace [at] with @

STEP 3 – Wait for my reply. I’ll get back to you ASAP with your bonuses!

STEP 4 – If you don't get your bonus within a few days, please check your junk mail folder, as sometimes it gets blocked. If you don't find it there, then please contact me using the Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Sorry for any inconveniences!





The Mysterious Marketer



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2) WP Easy Content will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of my WP Easy Content bonus package. My WP Easy Content bonus package is not for sale, it is offered as is to people who purchase the primary WP Easy Content product through my link.

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