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The blogging platform WordPress is hot right now and with new autoblogging tools being created it keeps improving. WP Robot is the newcomer on the scene and is very effective. A WordPress plugin such as WP Robot can automate the job of publishing fresh content to your blogs. Several times a day on complete auto-pilot. Can it help you in your autoblogging journey? We will try to answer that in this review.

WP Robot can be used to create a huge number of posts with the new content it scrapes, on virtually any subject you want. You can also target specific keywords with the posts, however the number of keywords you can use depends on your membership. The plugin also generates relevant tags for each of the posts, which are vital to Search Engine Optimization. Another great advantage is that the plugin saves the new posts as drafts, in a fully automated process.

There are various modules available for you when you choose to go for WP Robot, all help in their own way in adding content to your autoblogs. The modules allow you to choose your content sources, which means you can decide between YouTube, eBay, Clickbank, Amazon, Article Base or any other content provider available. WP Robot will search through these content providers for content relevant to your keywords and then automatically posts them to your blogs as new posts and comments. The advantage of this level of automation is having the freedom of not worrying about needing to constantly spend hours updating your blogs. This gives you an easy way to expand your blogging business, build your affiliate income and increase commissions from various sources at the same time.

This is the tool of choice for auto blogging on WordPress, it has all the features needed to be successful. Invest in this tool and if you don’t like it simply return it for a refund within 14 days.