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Profits Theme Review

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WordPress is currently one of the most popular content management systems on the web, and it is widely used by internet marketers everywhere. One of the difficulties faced by many marketers, however, is the problems that they encounter with regards to blog design, especially in finding the right theme to use.

Internet marketers need a variety of different blog setups, such as membership sites, squeeze pages, product launch pages, and more in addition to the regular blog. It is often a very difficult thing to find a theme that not only works well, but is professionally-designed and pleasing to the eye, as well as having useful additional features that are easy to use for the average layman.

Welly Mulia and Adi Djohari have released the Profits Theme in order to meet this need. It boasts a lot of powerful new features that have not been seen in the normal internet marketing WordPress themes on the market so far.


01. Introduction

Profits Theme is a WordPress theme that allows you to create multi-level membership sites, download areas, product launch pages, one time offer pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, legal pages, and more without the need for any third-party software or extensive technical knowledge. It is truly a theme build by internet marketers for internet marketers, and it doesn’t just help you to optimize your site for the search engines, but it gives you extremely professionally-designed sites.

One of the key features that distinguishes Profits Theme from the other internet marketing and affiliate wordpress themes out there is that it introduces the new concept of CAGWYW (Click and Get What You Want) Technology. This technology allows you to insert graphics and layouts simply by clicking or dragging on the screen. Elements of a landing page such as buy now buttons, arrows, bullet points, and others are easily inserted onto your site with a few pushes of a button.

Let us go through an overview of the Profits Theme and see what it has to offer to internet marketers, so you can see whether it would be a theme that would be worth your investment.


02. Overview

Click on the video below in order to see a video overview and review of the different features available in Profits Theme.



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As mentioned before, here are some of the various types of pages that you can easily create with Profits Theme:

  • Multi-Level Membership Sites
  • Protected Download Areas
  • Product Launch Pages
  • One Time Offer Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • Thanks You Pages
  • Professional Blogs
  • and more…


Multi-Level Membership Sites

One of the key features of the theme is the ability to create multi-level membership sites without the help of additional software. Even if you are using other software already, Profits Theme has been tested to integrate with some of the major software out there.

  • Define different levels of membership for your site, such as Diamond, Platinum, and Gold, without the use of third-party software.
  • Easy drip-feeding of content based on your desired needs.
  • Determine whether your content will have an expiry date or not.


Professionally-Designed Blog Framework

You can use the powerful Profits Theme framework simply as part of your blog design. It includes several key features as a blogging theme that would probably pique your interest.

  • Include 5 themes, each coming with 5 different colors, as well as a default theme.
  • Good-looking, professional blog theme design for maximum attraction.
  • Easy addition of normal blog posts, opt-in forms, content ads, Adsense ads, and more.
  • Fully customizable sidebar tabs for maximum flexibility.
  • The ability to customize individual pages, so each page has it’s own opt-in box, pop-up box, and more.
  • Placement of ads and opt-ins before, after, or in the middle of your content.


03. Other Features

Along with the basic features for creating pages quickly and easily with this WordPress theme, here are a number of other highlights that you might be interested in paying attention to:


CAGWYW Technology (Click and Get What You Want)

CAGWYW Technology


03. Installation

Profits Theme is a WordPress Theme, and so you need to have a self-hosted WordPress blog in order to use it.


04. Bonuses

In addition to all the features and included bonuses for the Profit Theme, you will also be able to get access to our exclusive Profits Theme bonus expansion pack at no additional cost. All you have to do is to follow the instructions as stated on our Profit Theme bonus page and purchase through the link at the bottom of that page.

Click on the link above in order to find out more about our bonus expansion pack. The bonus is free, and available to you at no additional cost, but only if you purchase Profits Theme from this site.


05. Benefits and Problems

Some of the benefits and advantages you can get by using the Profits Theme include:

  • Beautifully designed multi-level membership sites quickly and easily, including protected download areas. Works with Paypal, Clickbank, Wishlist and Digital Access Pass).
  • Easy creation and insertion of testimonial boxes, Johnson boxes, add to cart buttons, download buttons, free trial buttons, buy now areas, money back guarantee badges, free badges, arrows, and other constantly used graphics quickly and easily from the WordPress interface. All you have to do is a few click of your mouse. No waiting for upload of pictures or other inconvenient stuff.
  • Drag and drop internal interface for easy editing of the layout.
  • Quick creation of an infinite number of professionally-designed squeeze pages, with flexible .
  • Variations in the template for landing pages for different pages depending on your personal preference.
  • Each page has it’s on individual settings so you can have different opt-ins and pop-ups on different pages.
  • Fast and simple autoresponder code integration. All you have to do is copy and paste the code as is. No tampering or fiddling required.
  • Ease of setting up one time offer pages within your site that your visitors can be directed to.
  • Flexibility in specifying when your add to cart button will appear on your page. You can delay it as long as you want.
  • Content templates included to save you the effort, along with 20+ different headers that you can use.
  • Eliminates the need for a lot of unnecessary third-party software.
  • Create elegant webpages without needing to know anything about design or Photoshop.


06. Price

From the period of 15th February to 28 February, you will be able to get Profits Theme for a very special discounted price of just $27. This is a pre-opening special price that you can get if you act on it now by going to the Profits Theme discount page.

Starting from the 1st of March onwards, Profit Theme will be open to the public at the normal price of $97. This is a one-time only fee, and once you have paid, you will be able to use this theme on an unlimited number of sites that you own. However, you can only use it on sites that you own. If you want to flip a site, you will either have to uninstall the theme or purchase a theme license for the person who is buying your site.

You can purchase Profits Theme by clicking here. The purchase comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee along with lifetime upgrades for you.


07. One Time Offers

When you purchase Profits Theme, you will be given the opportunity of getting two very special one time offers.

The first one-time-offer is access to the Profits Theme Club membership. The Profits Theme Club membership gives you special access to new skins and niche headers that you can use with the Profits Theme. You will be able to get a 50% discount on this membership, giving you a price of $17/month.

The second one-item-offer is exclusive discount access to Welly Mulia’s Get Profits Fast Gold Coaching. If you want to learn the ropes of building a successful online business with someone who’s been there, then this might be something that you would want to consider. The one time offer will allow you to get a 50% discount on the Gold Coaching, costing you $40.40.


08. Conclusion

If you combine this theme with the WP Twin plugin, you will easily be able to create hundreds of powerful websites and pages for yourself within a matter of hours.

I will include more details here once I have finished testing the theme.


Allen Walker


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