Content Generation: 8 Types of Software & Tools You Can Use

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Content GenerationThe use of automatic and semi-automatic content generation tools is somewhat of a rising trend online. One of the biggest problems that internet marketers have with growing their business is the development and creation of new content for their websites. Creating new content isn't always easy, and most people either outsource the work or they give it up altogether.

However, over the years, marketers and developed methods and systems that allow for easy generation of website content. Furthermore, they have made these content generators automatic so that they are able to run at the click of a button and scheduling them to run on autopilot.

This page contains a collection of the most widely used content generation software that is currently being used for producing quality articles and content for websites. If you are struggling with the aspect of website content creation, you may be interested in using one or more of these types of content generators to assist you in adding information to your website.

The faster you are able to produce quality content, the more keywords you can target, the more traffic you can drive, and the more money you can earn… That's the primary school of thought for the majority of people using these tools, as they offer a hands-off solution.





Automatic Content Generation


This section contains a list of the different types of software and tools that allow you to generate content on a fully automatic basis. The advantage of this is that you can just set and forget, and content can be generated for you to on a scheduled basis which you decide upon.

The disadvantage of these tools is often that you have a slight lack of control on the type of content that gets published if you set it to run on fully automated mode. However, you have the option of approving or disapproving of generated content before it is published as well.


01. Autoblogging Software

The use of autoblogging software is currently the most popular method of creating automated content among internet marketers. Autoblogging tools basically syndicate articles from rss feeds, article directories, video directories, question and answer sites, and online retail sites for re-posting on one's own blog. However, autoblogging is not limited to just the use of syndicated content, and some autoblogs use PLR content to fill their site.

When properly done, autoblogging can help to produce very professional sites that serve as a center of aggregated content with regards to information pertaining to a particular niche or market. However, the majority of these sites are set up in haste, and as such are often labeled as spam blogs by other online marketers.

Examples of popular auto-blogging tools include WP Robot and Auto Blog Samurai.



02. Content Reoptimization Software

Content reoptimization is somewhat similar to the concept of autoblogging in that it takes articles from article directories as the basis of reoptimization. However, the difference with autoblogging is that content reoptimization focuses on creating content that is able to bypass search engine duplicate content filters through the addition of blocks of text above and below the original articles.

Furthermore, the use of content reoptimization allows the user to focus very specifically on targeting specific keywords throughout the additional blocks of text. This method is often used by elite marketers to enforce the SEO structure of their site with related content and categories, and also allows them to dominate various keywords in their niche quickly.

Examples of content reoptimization software include WP Easy Content.



03. Affiliate Product Pages Software

Software that focuses on building affiliate product pages allow users to instantly generate content that is completely product oriented. Content that is made from this type of software is basically taken from online retail sites such as and include mainly the product description, features, and customer reviews.

This type of tool is basically used by affiliates to create product review sites that directly target buying customers who are searching for specific products. When compared to other tools, affiliate product page generators can be said to be providing buying customers with more buying relevancy as they are giving these customers directly what they are looking for instead of merely informative articles.

Examples of product page generators include WP Shopping Pages and Reviewazon.



04. Blog Networks

There are two sides to most of the the newer blog networks out there. One side allows users to submit spun articles to the service and to gain backlinks from those articles. The other side of blog networks allows users to add their blogs and to gain free unique content from the spun articles submitted by other users.

This allows for a steady stream of unique content freely and easily to anyone's site. The only disadvantage of this might be that the articles will contain links that were entered in by the article creator. However, this can also be a good thing as most of the links in the articles are to blogs which allow pingbacks or trackbacks, thus allowing you to gain backlinks with each articles that has been posted.

Some blog networks that allow you to do this include SEOLinkVine and My Article Network.





Semi-Automatic Content


This section contains a few types of tools that allow you to generate content for your sites much faster than you would be able to do normally, but which require a little bit of manual effort as well. As such, they have been termed as semi-automatic content generation tools.

These tools give you more control over the type of content being generated at the expense of some manual intervention.


01. Instant Article Software

These tools allow you to instantly generate articles based on your desired keyword with the click of a button. This is mostly done by scraping paragraphs of related content from sites that are found on the first page of the search engines.

This type of software allows you to generate content for your sites very quickly, and the content is often filled with very related keywords which holds benefits in terms of relevancy for SEO. However, you will  need to rewrite the articles in your own terms before you can use it in order to make them unique. This normally doesn't take very long though.

Examples of instant article software include Instant Article Wizard.



02. Article Templating Software

Article templating software allows you to quickly generate articles that you may use for content by providing you with a unique template that covers all the filler and allows you to produce a quality article by simply inserting your key points.

Basically this type of software enables its users to churn out articles at rates of less than a couple of minutes, though the actual speed depends on your personal ability.

Examples of article templating software include Instant Article Factory.



03. Video Generation Software

Video generation software allows you to quickly produce quality videos by simply inserting some pictures of text into the software. The system will then take the pictures and text, along with some music, and automatically insert special effects and movements based on the timing of the music. You may even insert other videos for blending depending on the software.

It is an easy way to produce high-quality videos that visitors will enjoy watching. Examples of this type of software include Animoto.



04. Article Spinning Software

This type of software allows you to take one article and produce thousands of unique variations for each word, sentence, and paragraph. This is done by a method known as article spinning, which most internet marketers and familiar with.

It is popularly used by people for the purpose of SEO, but many people have been using it to produce unique content that they can use for article directory submission and blog content as well. Depending on the amount of spinning done, one article may be reproduced trillions of times without any fear of duplicate content.

Examples of such software include The Best Spinner.





If you are looking for ways to add content to your website, then I hope that you found this article timely and informative. The creation of new content is no longer as difficult as it once was due to the introduction of various tools and services.

All of these tools are able to give you good content that your readers will find relevant, however it is always best to use them in complement with your own quality content that you take the time to research and write, and not just as standalone solutions.

Your needs may vary, and depending on your need, some tools may suit your content generation needs more than others.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read this article. If you liked it, please do bookmark it, link to it, and share it with your friends. Keep checking back as it will be updated. ;)