7 Ways Twitter Marketing Can Be Used As A Powerful Weapon

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Twitter MarketingHello everyone! This post marks the beginning of a series of blog posts on twitter marketing, and how you can increase the number of twitter followers you have. Whether or not you're an internet marketer, it is for sure that you've heard of the social media giant, Twitter.

It allows you build a strong fan base while improving your brand exposure, and learning to master the art of Twitter can be a really powerful weapon.

As part of a Twitter Marketing Challenge, everyday until the end of April, I will be doing at least one new thing that will help me in someway towards increasing the number of Twitter followers I have. You may participate in this challenge and increase the number of Twitter followers you have as well if you wish by clicking on the link above. ;)

The main goal of the challenge is to reach 100,000 Twitter followers by the end of April.

Along with the aspect of increasing my Twitter followers, I will also be creating some posts about other aspects such as how to make money with Twitter.

Now you may be wondering about the benefits of having more Twitter Followers, and how you would be able to use that as a powerful weapon.

So let's begin with the main topic of this post:


7 Powerful Weapons

Increasing the number of Twitter followers you have can give you many benefits that you may not have thought of before. Here are 7 ways in which twitter marketing can be used as a powerful weapon that you can add to your online marketing arsenal, and why you should be participating in the challenge to increase your Twitter followers:

1. Attack the market quickly: By having a lot of twitter followers, it gives you very wide reach across the web. Whether you are wanting to get the word out on your new product, or promoting a new product that has just launched as an affiliate, you will be able to communicate instantly with your followers using Twitter.

2. Trend discovery channel: By having a targeted list of followers, you will be able to go through what they are talking about at any given time, and discover the trends that are arising. It may be that the majority of your followers are suddenly talking about autoblogging, or social media marketing. You now know what's the next blog post or product you should be creating. ;)

3. Traffic generation weapon: Using your Twitter account as a powerful traffic generation weapon can help to give you a solid stream of visitors to your website. You're not affected by any of the latest Google algorithm changes, and you can keep your followers visiting you everyday by updating your account with the latest blog post.

4. Viral marketing shortcut: Viral marketing depends strongly on your content getting passed along by word-of-mouth. Normally it takes a certain amount of pushing and promoting before the small stream starts to break into a humongous  river. With a massive amount of followers, your link bait can now start spreading across the web much more quickly with retweets.

5. Money making device: Having a large list of Twitter followers can turn your Twitter account into a massive money making device. Not only by promoting products that can earn you money, but there are a ton of services out there that are willing to pay you money for each tweet that you make! Your tweets good just turn into gold just like that…

6. Want finding tool: The key essence of marketing is finding out what people want or need, and giving it to them. The faster you do it, the more likely you are to be successful. Are you promoting a video marketing product? One of your followers just said that their looking for a good course on video marketing. Perhaps your product might fit the bill…

7. Search engine ranker: With Google now showing results for tweets that are coming from Twitter, and Twitter itself ranking really highly in the search engines, your tweets might just become a powerful search engine ranking tool. Of course, this will all depend on how large your account is. The more followers you have, the more likely your Twitter page would have a high PR.

Well, those are seven ways in which you can leverage your Twitter followers in order to get great results in your marketing and business. Now you may be wondering about how you can increase the number of Twitter followers you have…


How to Get More Followers On Twitter

As part of a Twitter Marketing Challenge, I will make at least one new blog post on different methods of increasing your Twitter followers everyday. If you want to get the most leverage out of this challenge, make sure you join, and also feel free to follow the steps that I'm posting about each and everyday.

I will also list each of the new posts I make in the area below, so this thread is a compilation of all the different ways of getting more Twitter followers…

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